Three Little Words

Linsdey Drew is a down-to-earth girl who helps disabled children make the most of their lives. But when they meet their favourite band, will everything change for this 18 year old girl?


5. Shopping.

I wish.5 

I woke up in Harrys arms, he was snoring like crazy. I nudged him in the ribs and heard a grunt. "morning." he said struggling to breath due to me winding him. "morning!" i smiled and kissed his neck. "sorry. I thought that was your mouth." "either way i got a kiss so its okay." i got out of bed and closed the door after me. My mum was sitting at the table on the phone. She hung up and signaled me to come to her. "is Harry your boyfriend? Cause i 'interrupted' something yesterday. Im just wondering." my mum struggled to hold in her giggle. Shes so immature. "yes mum." i could help but smile. "aw. You two are perfect for each other." she patted my back and cleared her plate to the kitchen. "thanks mum." 

"Harry! Can you zip me up? I cant reach!" i yelled to Harry from inside my bedroom. Harry walked in, and stood behind me. His warm hands touched my back when he zipped my dress up. "there you are love." he spun my around and had his hands on my waist. Pulling me closer till our noses touched. Then our lips. "what are we gonna do today?" Harry said with a smile. "uh, i dunno! How about... The shops?" i winked at him and put a denim jacket on. "yeah. It looks like you could use some better fashion sense." he laughed and winked back. "Harry!" i nudged his shoulder playfully. "alright. I'll go brush my teeth." i left the room to go to the bathroom. "do you have any good games on your iPhone?" Harry yelled to me. "yeah." i said back to him. He flicked through my phone. He went onto my photos and saw the most embarrassing video of me and my friend...
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