Three Little Words

Linsdey Drew is a down-to-earth girl who helps disabled children make the most of their lives. But when they meet their favourite band, will everything change for this 18 year old girl?


4. Paparazzi.

I wish.4 

The boys left with their girl friends, me and Harry stayed at the beach for the sunset. 
I walked to the water so i could wash the sand off my arms and legs. I washed and walked over to Harry. "has my towel moved closer to you... Or is it just me...?" i laughed and sat next to Harry, he put his arm around me and we sat there Watching the sunset. My phone ruined the moment. 
"sorry." i checked my phone, it was my mum, what i thought. 
"where are you? If your not back in an hour your grounded." i sighed and replied "mum its okay! Im with my friend! Ill be back soon don't worry!" i told Harry we had to go soon. "will you have enough time for the sun set though? Its on my bucket list." Harry looked disappointed. "yeah, just enough. Wait. Whats on your bucket list?" i smiled at him. "watching a beautiful sunset with a beautiful girl." so cheesy. But it was cute. I giggled and kissed his cheek. "thanks." 
A half hour later we drove home, it was quiet dark. I put my feet up on the dash board and turned the radio on. We sat in the car listening to the radio, letting my hair flow in the wind. "shit." Harry was looking through the rear view  mirror. "what?" "the paparazzi got us. How'd they find us?" 
I got an idea. "i got my roller door key, so ill open the roller door and you just hide at my house till their gone." Harry agreed and closed our windows. "here we are." Harry pulled into our driveway and i closed the door. "thankyou so much."
 Harry kissed my forehead and my mum was at the door. "where were you!? You said you- oh hello. Who's this Linsdey?"
Harry smiled and waved. "oh this is my friend Harry. Harry this is my mum Isabell. But you can call her Izzy." "Hello Harry! Wait. Your that boy from that band. What was it?" He chuckled and corrected her. "One Direction." "mum, paparazzi caught Harry so hes just gonna chill here till they leave. Is that alright?" "yeah sure. Make yourself at home." my mum left to the kitchen. "lets go." i grabbed his wrists and led him into my room. He closed the door and looked at me. "your friend?" he looked kinda disappointed. "oh. Sorry. I didn't know we were going out and i hadn't told my mum yet. Don't worry. Ill tell her soon though." i hugged him and sat next to him on the bed. Harry got up and checked out the window, they were still there waiting for him. "are you two here for dinner?" my mum yelled to us. Harry looked at me and shrugged. "yeah!" i yelled back to her. I looked on the Floor, my clothes and pjs were scattered on the floor. "sorry. Ill just clean this up." i smiled and picked up the clothes from the floor and put them in a basket. Harry grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. I stared smiling to. "am i seducing you?" Harry chuckled still staring into my eyes. "more than ever." i winked at him. "good. That was my plan." we lent in and reached for a kiss when my mum walked in and said "dinners ready. Oh sorry." she closed the door and walked away. 

I pecked his lips and we walked to the dinner table. Three plates were set up on the table, all with food on them already. We sat next to each other, mum kept looking at us and trying her best not to giggle. 
Dinner was really awkward to. My mum kept asking Harry weird questions. That girl worries me sometimes..

"the paparazzi still haven't gone. Its ten already, you thought they would of quit by now!"  Harry got back to our game, scrabble. "yeah. You know you can stay over my house tonight you wanna." i fluttered my eye lids and made my next move on the game. "nah. I couldn't." "please?" i looked at him with puppy dog eyes. "okay." He gave me a big smile and kissed me. "i'll be right back." i got up and grabbed a mattress and sleeping bag for Myself. I dropped the stuff on the floor and set up my bed, i then made my actual bed for Harry. "here you go!" i patted the bed and sat next to Harry. "im gonna go get dressed in my pajamas actually." i got back up and grabbed my pants and singlet. I came back with a black singlet on with teddy bear pj bottoms on, also with my hair in a messy bun. "you look awfully pretty for a girl who's going to bed!" harry got up and grabbed my waist. He pulled me closer and we kissed. When all of a sudden the power went out. 
"not again." i laughed in the complete darkness. I moved away to grab my torch when Harry stopped me. "wait." he said continuing to kiss me. He finally let me go and i grabbed my torch and turned it on. He pulled a scary face and when i flicked it on i screamed and dropped the torch. "oh my god! You scared the hell outs me!" i failed to smack Harrys arm because i couldn't see. "is everything alright?" mum came running through the door paranoid as always. "dont worry mum. Its okay!" i shook my head and picked the torch back up. "alright. Call me if you need anything!" my mum left and closed the door. "im tired. Im gonna go to bed." i layed on my mattress and got into bed. "why are you in my bed?" Harry stood at the foot of the bed. "your bed? Your beds right there!" i pointed at my bed nicely made. "no, thats your bed." "im sleeping in my bed! Guests sleep in my bed. I sleep on the floor!" "no your bed is h-" i rudely interrupted Harry. "just go to bed. Im fine sleeping here." giggled and finally Harry caved in. 
Ten minutes later i heard Harry whisper my name. "linsdey. Linsdey. Linsdey." "yeah?" i rolled over to look at Harry. "this is unfair. Come here." i walked to my bed and laid next to Harry, he places his arm around me and whispered in my ear until i fell asleep. 
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