Three Little Words

Linsdey Drew is a down-to-earth girl who helps disabled children make the most of their lives. But when they meet their favourite band, will everything change for this 18 year old girl?


1. Falling for him.

I wish. 

I was playing on the piano when i felt two strong warm arms wrap around me. I stopped playing and kissed his cheek. "hey." he said whispering into my ear and pressing the "a" chord on the piano. "hey" i said kissing his cheek once more. "i wanna show you something." he grabbed my hand and led me outside onto a giant stage. I look down and i was all of a sudden dressed in a beautiful mullet dress with the silhouette of different colors draped across. "Harry.." i said under my breath. Suddenly millions of people filled the stadium. "go on. Sing beautiful." Harry said from across the stage. I opened my mouth when suddenly...

"lindsey. Wake up your gonna be late for your job. You've got 5 mins. Oh and breakys ready." my mum yelled from behind my shut bedroom door. "ugh. Great." i grunted rolling of the bed onto the floor. I quickly got dressed and packed my bag full of lollies and movies. "thanx mum." I walked out of the house door leaving a kiss on mums cheek. I drove out of the car drive and left to the "challenged stadium." as i call it. I grabbed my bag and ran from the car locking it. "linsdey!" janea called hobbling towards me from the door. "wait. Save the good leg. Ill come to you." i ran towards the little disabled girl. "i missed you." she said pacing at her words. "as did i!"i chuckled picking her up on my hip and greeting the rest of her friends. "okay. What movie guys!? Madagascar, Toy Story 3, ONE DIRECTION LIVE CONCERT, eeeepppp, or Barbie Mermadia. Lets vote. I personally say One Direction." the children all shared a knowing look together and all yellped in excitment; "One Direction!" "Sarah, can you put the DVD on whilst i get the blankets and pillows?" i said to my co-worker. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "whatever." she trampled through the circul of little excited girls talking about One Direction. "Ouch!" said lars who has 12 fingers. "you stepped on my finger.." she said quickly pulling her finger from under Sarah sole of her shoe. "oh well. Ya have another 11 more." 

"wered i put those marshmallows!?" i said rummaging through my bag. "he h h h here..." said analisia who struggled to speak due to muscle failure. "are they good?" i said giggling putting a blanket over her docile body being held up by a wheelchair. "y y yeah." she struggled again. "are we all snug up and ready for the...." i hesitated to answer so the children could answer with me. "girls night out!" we all shouted. It was cheesey but they enjoyed it so that all that mattered. 

The movie finished and sadly was time for the children to go. "well guys, who liked the movie..?" i said stroking Janeas head. "me!" they all said separately. I noticed a small note fly through the mail hole. "hang on guys. Ill be right back. Sarah, keep em busy!?" i said prancing towards the door. I pick up the letter and almost fall over. "Holy. Shit. No way!" i was jumping up and down almost crying with happiness. 
I slowly and dizzley walk over to the children still holding the letter. "hey girls.." i said laughing a little. "your in luck for tomorow.." i begun again. "tomorow be here at 10 AM. Cause... WE are going to spend a day with.. ONE DIRECTION!" i smiled ear to ear. Harry. Oh my god. Ill meet Harry.. "The kids were still. Except Lara. She was yelping and jumping, also in tears. 

Well, "guys, i gotta go! Dont forget, 10 AM!" i hugged everyone and drove home. Singing to One Direction at the top of my lungs. 
"Hey mum!" i said skipping through doors and grabbing a bread roll from the table. "hi sweetie! Why are you so happy!?" she said giggling. "I am going to meet the one and only.. One Direction!" i laughed and kissed her goodnight. "okay, thats... Good? He replied kissing me back and smirking.

"9:45. Uuugghhhh." i sighed. "9:45 HOLY SHIT." i stumbled out of bed. The early morning sun blinding my eyes. "quick quick quick." i said pulling my black vans on and zipping up my jeans. I chucked my bra on and pulled my top over my head. I rushed stummbling to the bathroom, putting mascara on and a little bit of lip gloss. I dont usually wear make up though.. 
"bye mum!" i yelled rushing out the door, not wating for a good bye back. "come on!" i said checking the tome on my dash bored. "hurry!" i said beeping my horn because of the slow driver infront of me. Finally. Im here. 

"every body buckled!?" i said turning my head and looking at the walk way through the middle of the van. I heard a chorus of yeses leaving everybody's babbling lips gossiping about One Direction. "then lets go!" i drove off and started our journey to the recording studio. Where we are gonna meet the boys there. 
"everybody okay?" i said yelling from the front seat. "yyeeessss!" i heard them all say. "well, here we are!" 

"just through here." Paul said leading us to a wide room with a banner saying "One Direction." "Feel free to have something to eat or drink." Paul smiled and left the room closing the door. "okay. Everyone lets do a head count. All get in two lines." everyone formed two lines and i started counting. "Two. Four. Six. Eight. Ten. Twelve. Perfect!" we all formed a circul and played duck duck goose. As we played, five handsome guys walked through the door, all searching the room with their eyes. Except one. Harry. They all got in a line and smiled. "Hi. Were One Direction." they all said in perfect harmony. Harry still not looking up. Louis nudged Harry. "oh. Ehem." Harrys head shot up and our eyes locked. Harrys smile slowly faded and he just stood there staring at me. "hi ladys! How are we all?" Liam clapped his hands and hugged all the children, so did Niall, Zayn and Louis. But Harry cam straight to me. "h h hi." i stumbled on my words. "hey." he said dipping his hands in his pockets. "you a fan of One Direction!?" Harry said in his sexi british accent. "yes. Massive fan." i said with a big smile on my face. "pretty smile. Oh. I mean pretty cool." Harry cleared his throat and hugged the children. "hi!" i said greeting the rest of the boys. "Hello." said Niall and Liam at once. The others had late reactions. "beautiful children you got here." Liam said holding Janea. "very. Their blessed." Zayn added. "so. Who wants to ice skate!?" Louis clapped and we drove to the arena. No one was there though, lucky us! 
"ah!" i yellped almost slipping on the ice. "you new at skating?" asked Harry spinning around and skating backwards. "yeah. My first time."  
"Its easy once you get the hang of it! Here hold onto my arm." Harry reached out his arm signaling me to hold on. Okay. "steadily let go of the rail." Harry toughed my other arm, let go and held his hands. "im doing it! Thanx." i smiled and looked at Harry. "i didn't catch your name.." Harry smirked and locked eyes with me once again. We stood there looking in each others eyes. I felt tingles go down my spine. "oh. Right. My name. Linsdey drew. You?" dowp. Why did i say that. Harry stared and me and smiled. "Hi. Im Harry Styles." he held out his hand and i shook it.   That was a mistake. I heldhis hand and slipped over. The ice cold floor made my bum wet and also my knees. Harry sat on the floor also, standing up and reaching out his for me to grab it. "thanx." i chuckled redeeming myself. 
Our time ran out and we got of the ice rink. "ice creams are on me!" Niall yelled taking orders from everyone. 
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