Three Little Words

Linsdey Drew is a down-to-earth girl who helps disabled children make the most of their lives. But when they meet their favourite band, will everything change for this 18 year old girl?


3. At the beach

I wish.3 
  "bye." Harry said kissing me and leaving me at my door. "bye. See you tomorrow!" i waved once more back to him before entering my house. I slowly walked through the door, my mum sitting at the table smiling at me. "hey, why you such in a good mood?" she asked. "ah. Nothing." it was 8 o'clock already? "mum I'm going to bed early." i yelled from my bed room. Yay i can sleep in tomorrow morning! I put my pjs on and curled up in a ball on my bed, i was thinking about Harry non stop. He is so amazing. Soon after, my thoughts passed and i was fast asleep. 

"sweetie! Wake up! Its already 12. Your not nocturnal you know!" my mum yelled from behind the bedroom door. I sighed and sat up. "sometimes i wish i was." i yelled back to her. I heard her chuckle in the distance. "lunch is in the fridge to. Oh and some boy called for you, i think it was Harry or something." i smiled and rushed to my phone, dialing his number in my phone. "hey!" i said as he picked up. "oh hi, nice sleep?" he asked chuckling to himself. "yeah. Im still tired to!" "hah. So you still up for the beach today? The boys wanna come to, also their.. Ladyfriends." "yeah definatly! What time?" i have to admit, i was twirling my hair with my finger.. "we'll come round about 1?" "okay!" "bye, see you soon!" "bye!" i hung up the phone and searched for my bikinis. They were red with frills on them, and on the bottom. I grabbed a see-through dress/singlet and put it over and chucked on sandals. "heres a towel." mum said handing me one. " How do you know I'm going to the beach?" mum still had the home phone in her hand. "mum! Don't ease drop!" "sorry honey. Im a mum. Its my duty." i hugged her and sat down on the garden bench, i put my ray-bands on and waited for them to come. 
A black van pulled up and Harry came out and walked to me. "hey!" he said hugging me. "hi!" "you ready?" "yeah, lets go!" we walked to the van and i got a little dizzy. "are you alright?" Niall mentioned opening the van. "yeah. I just cant believe I'm hanging out with One Direction AND their girlfriends. It spins me out that a girl like me is with boys like you." there was a sudden silence in the van. "i mean by that you guys are celebrities." "oh. Right. Okay lets go!" Liam drove the van to a beautiful pristine beach. 
The sand was soft and white, the water was refreshing and sky blue. The beach was deserted to, no one was there, only us. "wow!" i said as i took my sandals off. "beautiful ey!?" louis joined me. "very! Ive never been here!" i took my dress of and revealed my slim tan body and my cute bikini. I caught Harry looking at me. "i love your bikin!" Danielle smiled and pointed to my bikini, "thanx, i love yours to! Where'd you get it?" i laid my towel in-between Harry and Danielle. "Sports girl, my favorite shop!" "me to!" i sat down and Harry took his shirt off. I secretly fan-girled inside my head, but stayed cool on the outside. I put my ipod in one ear and played Stand Up, my favorite song of theirs. Harry picked my other ear piece up and put it in his ear. He moaned and rolled on his back. "what?" i laughed and he rolled back to his side. "your listening to us?" He half smiled and did he's hair flick. "alright alright, ill turn it over!" i flicked to Keans, Somewhere Only We Know. "Now this is a good song!" we laid down and so did Danielle, louis, Elenor, Liam and Niall. Zayn went for a swim. And hour later, Harry got up and asked if anyone wanted to swim, no one answered so i said yes. Harry held out his hand, we walked hand in hand to the shore. I stared at Harry and splashed my foot. "i saw that coming." he cuffed his hands and scooped water onto me. "you saw that coming." he chuckled and flicked his hair. "its. On." i whispered to him. "it already started." Harry scooped me up and threw me in the water. I shot up and charged towards him flicking water on him. "you wouldn't." he stood still crossing his arms. "i will." his eyes widened and i jumped on him pushing us both in the water. I was sitting and his waist and his hands were beside him. He went under water and slid from under me. I stood up and looked around. I couldn't find him. Two strong arms wrapped around from behind me, i couldn't get out! I squealed and he jumped backwards in the water still gripping me. My hair flicked around my face and everything felt slow motion, until i hit the water. I heard Harry yelp as we hit the water, it must of hurt landing on your back. We got up to the surface and Harry rubbed his back. I was to busy laughing to ask if he was okay. Finally i got the words put and he said he was fine. We swan to shore, and stopped half way so we sat in the water talking. He leaned in and we kissed. "awww! Harry and Linsdey sitting in the water. K I S S I N G." Louis teased. "oh shut up Lou." Harry laughed and looked at Louis. "no prob." Eleanor sighed and kissed Louis to make him shut up.  "thanx." Harry yelled to Eleanor. 
"where were we?" Harry and i continued to kiss. While kissing i splashed him in the face again. His facial expression changed, happy to a sour screwed up face. "salty." he said wiping his face. We stood up and Harry grabbed my hand. "are we together?" He said looking deeply into my aqua blue eyes. "only if you want to be. I want to be." "i want to." He gave a big smile and his eyes sparkled.

Was he the one?
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