A Day Like This

Zayn meets a fan at a signing and gives her his number. They get to know eachother after a few dates. Does this girl mean more than just a fan to Zayn?


3. Part 3

I woke up at 9am. I heard someone down the stairs in my apartment. I got up and walked down the stairs. I made my way into the kitchen to find Zayn cooking breakfast. "morning babe" he said "what are you doing here?" I said with a smile on my face. "I got the spare key from under the doormat and I though that I would make you breakfast." "well thank you" I said. He grabbed me by the waist, pulled me in, and kissed me. Both of us were smiling when our lips met. "so I was thinking that we could help each other pack for our holiday today" "that sounds great" i said. 

We both sat on the couch eating the pancakes that Zayn made. When we finished, I had a shower, and walked back out into the lounge room, to tell Zayn that I we ready to start packing. He got up off the couch, and walked up the stairs with me. I got out my large black suitcase. I had a lot of packing to do. After all, we were going for two weeks. I walked into my walk-in-robe and Zayn followed. I got out three pairs of jeans, one light denim, one floral, and the other patterned. I got out three pairs of patterned leggings, and one black. One pair of high waisted shorts, one purple pair, and the new pair of floral shorts that Zayn bought me. We finished packing my suitcase. I went to zip it up, and Zayn said "aren't you forgetting something?" "yes, bathers!" I said with a giggle. I bought out my 15 pairs of bikinis. "which ones should I take?" I asked "wow! You have a lot of bathers!, take them all and we can decide on the day." with that, I smiled and placed all of my bathers into the case. We then made our way to Zayn's apartment. 

When we arrived at Zayn's place, he lead me up the stairs into his room. He got out his suitcase, and started packing. When we finished packing his bag, he told me that we would go back to my place and stay there for the night, so we could just leave from there. I agreed. He got everything he needed for the trip and came over to my apartment. We watched abduction and fell asleep on the couch together. 

We woke up when the sun started to shine through the curtains. I got ready and so did Zayn. Our plane left at 9:30am, so we had to arrive at the airport at 7:30am. I was wearing galaxy pants, a white T-shirt with printed writing, laced boots, and the same cardigan I wore on our first date. Surprisingly there were no fans at the airport. But there was some people taking pictures. I suppose it's because they have never seen me and Zayn together before, and we were going on a holiday.  


Our plane landed. Zayn and I quickly got our bags and zoomed through customs. We had to go on a boat to get to where we were staying. We both walked into the hotel. "wow!" I said "it's beautiful" Zayn smiled and put our bags down. 
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