A Day Like This

Zayn meets a fan at a signing and gives her his number. They get to know eachother after a few dates. Does this girl mean more than just a fan to Zayn?


2. Part 2

I froze for a second in disbelief of what Zayn had just asked me. I smiled and said "yes, of course" He wrapped his arms around me keeping me warm from the chill in the air. We decided to call it a night and go home. Zayn offered me to stay at his house, so tomorrow we could go shopping. I agreed. He slept on the couch, leaving his bedroom for me. 

*the next day*

I got up, had a shower and got changed into some clothes. Zayn did the same thing and met me down the bottom of his apartment. "you ready to go?" he asked me. I nodded, he shut the door behind me as we drove off in his ute. 

When we arrived at the shopping centre, there were a few fans waiting there for him. He told them that he was busy and that he didn't have time to sign stuff and get pictures with him, but I told him that we had plenty of time. After he met the fans, we went inside the shopping centre. He bought me and himself some new clothes. He told me to pick out a new dress to go out with him tonight. So I did. I saw a peach body-con lace long sleeved dress in a shop window. I tried it on. Zayn said that I looked amazing in the dress and he bought it for me. Along with black platforms and a black shoulder bag. 


I had a quick shower and slipped into my new dress and heels. I then did my makeup and curled my hair, and parted it in the middle. We then left, and headed for a restaurant in the city. We ate our meals and then Zayn asked me if u would like to go for a vacation on an island in two days. I jumped at the chance and said "Yes of course!" 

Zayn took me back to my own apartment. I showed him around and we sat on opposite sides of my bed for about half an hour just talking. We started talking about our first kiss and how many girlfriends and boyfriends we've had. Zayn asked me when did I have my first kiss? I sat there with my head down looking at the quilt on my bed. I didn't look up and I didn't say anything. "babe, what's the matter?" Zayn asked me. "well this is going to sound absolutely ridiculous and lame, but, I've never had my first kiss, and nobody's ever called me babe." with that, Zayn leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He leaned back and said "now I gave you your first kiss and I'm the first person to call you babe" I smiled and hugged him. 

Zayn left an hour after that. I started to pack a little bit, but then fell asleep 
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