A Day Like This

Zayn meets a fan at a signing and gives her his number. They get to know eachother after a few dates. Does this girl mean more than just a fan to Zayn?


1. Part 1

I had it in my hand. The tiny piece of paper that Zayn gave me at a signing. It had his phone number on it. He gave it to me just two hours ago and told me to call him. I dialed each number into the keypad on my iPhone. It rung four times and then I heard Zayn's voice saying "hello". "hi, um you gave me your phone number at the signing today" I replied. "oh yes. Your that beautiful girl with that insane friend of yours" "yeah I'm not sure about beautiful though" we had a ten minute conversation. Then he asked me if I would like to go out on a date tomorrow at secret location. I agreed that he would pick me up at 12:30pm. 

*the next day*

I got up at 8:30am and had a shower. I got dressed in what seemed like a million different outfits before I found the perfect one. Patterned jeans, with a white forever 21 printed top, black lace heels, a white quilted shoulder bag, and a beige and white wool cardigan for later. I curled my long brown hair, put on my foundation, put on a few layers of mascara and finished with a soft pink lip gloss. I was ready at 12:15pm. So I waited on the living room couch when I heard the door bell ring. I opened the door. And standing infront of me, was Zayn Malik. I looked at the old ute that he was driving in. I had always wanted to have a romantic lunch with someone in the back of and old rusty ute. He drove off up onto a large hill. We reached the top. He told me to hop out and go into the back part of the ute. I looked in the back. There was a picnic blanket and a picnic basket with a range of food. We sat there for hours, watching the sunset while feeding eachother strawberries and eating biscuits and cheese. At around 5:30pm we both layed down on the ute tray as it got darker and cooler. I put my cardigan on and then I felt a warm hand touching mine. I looked into Zayn's eyes, and he looked into mine. I turned away and said "its so beautiful watching the sunset" "the suns not the only beautiful thing here" he said back to me. I couldn't help but smile and look into eyes. It was hard to find them because of the darkness. Before I knew it, our heads were coming closer together, and our foreheads were touching. He then asked me something. Something that I've never been asked before. He asked me to be his girlfriend. 
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