Love to be loved

My attempt at poetry... again.


1. I guess I'll settle for you...


I yearn to be loved,

I lust for romance.

A summer fling,

A last final dance.


I want excitement,

To be swept of my feet.

I want passion and chemistry,

A tidal wave of heat.


I want sweet memories,

Of warm cosy nights.

I want laughter and sunshine,

Busy streets and bright lights.


I want to forget all I stand for,

To forget about pain.

I want candy floss on the pier,

Kiss’s in the rain.


I want flowers and love notes,

Running up a double decker bus.

I want whispers in the library,

Complete and utter trust.


I want to be the heroine,

Small and sweet.

I want handsome prince,

To knock me off my feet.


I want all my day dreams,

To finally come true.

But if that doesn’t work out…

I’ll stick around with you xx

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