A Day With Harry .

Most 14 year old teens love boy bands or justin bieber, but this teen cant stand them. But later on she will find a friend that helps her to like those things. This girl's name is Ann and she doesnt know that her friend is the famous Harry Styles. As she does these thing she finds liking boy bands and justin bieber isnt bad at all.


1. The Start.

'Mom!' yelled Ann 'What honey, is there something wrong?' asked her Mother 'Dont act like you dont know!' said Ann 'Honey i really dont know.' her mother replied 'What did you do with my gift i got from Damon?' she asked 'Oh, honey i dont know, wait who is Damon?' her mother asked with great wonder. Ann then said 'My boyfriend, please mom i need to know where it is i love him and he loves me i cant lose his gift on the second day i get it!' 'Ugh, dear your still dating Damon, you need to move on, and your 14 why dont you have any posters of boys like Justin Bieber or One Direction?' her mom asked 'First of all i love Damon ok and second One Direction and Justin Bieber you must be crazy, why in the world would i have them on my wall?' Ann said 'I need to get outside u stay inside all day come on get out i need to clean the uouse anyway.' her mother damanded 'Fine i will go to Sabrina's!' she said *knock knock* 'Hi whats up' Ann said with joy 'Nothing really, oh no wait i lied a lot is going on!' Sabrina screamed ' Oh my freaking gosh whats going on?' Ann asked with excitement 'My mom got us One Direction tickets and we get backstage!' Sabrina bursted out loud 'Uh way would i want to go i cant stand them!' Ann said in a rude way ' Oh come on please come for me, i will love you forever, no homo.' Sabrina begged 'Fine i will go, when is it?' Ann said 'Tomorrow!' Sabrina yelled 'Ok, so we should hang out with our boyfriends right?' Ann said 'Ok lets go.' Sabrina said with joy *Ann and Sabrina walk to Damon and Juny* 'Damon!' Ann yelled 'Juny!' Sabrina yelled * Ann and Sabrina kisses there boyfriends* 'Hey babe, what up?' Damon said 'Nothing much i just wanted to see you how about you?' Ann asked in a loving voice 'Same, but one thing is that i cant hang for long today my mom and i are going out for dinner, which i hate so much.' Damon said in a sad voice 'Oh i understand, kh waitbthen that means im stuck with Sabrina and Juny they will be kissing for the rest of the day.' Ann said with a sad face 'Sorry babe i have to got now, i love you' Damon said 'I love you too' Ann said *Damon and Ann kiss* 'I have to leave to babe i have basketball practice.' Juny said 'Ok love you' Sabrina said 'Love you too' Juny said *Sabrina and Juny kiss* 'Lets go home.' Ann said *Sabrina and Ann walk back to there own homes* 'So how was actuelly being outside?' Ann's mom asked 'Oh dont ssass talk me woman, now let me go to bed so tomorrow can go on faster.' Ann said 'Why whats so bad that is going on tomorrow?' her mother asked 'Sabrina asked me to go to a One Direction concert.' Ann said 'Honey i thought you hated that band.' her mon said 'I do but i dont wanna leave a friend hanging' Ann said with honor 'I knew i raised you right' her mom said 'Goodnight mom' Ann said 'Goodnight dear' her mom replied.
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