A Day With Harry .

Most 14 year old teens love boy bands or justin bieber, but this teen cant stand them. But later on she will find a friend that helps her to like those things. This girl's name is Ann and she doesnt know that her friend is the famous Harry Styles. As she does these thing she finds liking boy bands and justin bieber isnt bad at all.


2. The Day of The Concert .

'Yo, wake up' said a voice 'Sabrina?' Ann weakly said 'Who else would it be, of course not your mom cause we both know she wont wake you even when school is around.' Sabrina chated on 'Who let you in my mom, wait why are you sitting on get off' Ann said in stress 'Ready to go to the concert?' Sabrina asked in joy 'Sure, just let me get dressed' Ann said. When Ann was dressed she was wearing a blue romper with white hearts on it and with a brown strap bag and with blue toms on and her hair in a bun and she had shades on . 'So how do i look?' Ann asked 'You look sexy, no homo' Sabrina said with a chuckle 'Lets go, wait who is gonna take us?' Sabrina asked 'My brother, Andrew' Ann replied 'Andrew are you ready to take us to the concert?' Ann asked 'Whatever' Andrew reiplied 'Mom were leaveing!' Ann yelled 'Ok bye have fun!' her mother said 'I will try' Ann said *on the way to the concert* 'Cool front row seats' Ann said 'Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, its them!' ��. Then they started to sing . 'Na na na, na na na, he take your hand i die a little, i watch your eyes and im in riddles, why cant you loom at me like that, na na na na, when you walk by i try to say but then i freeze i never do it my tounge gets tied he words get traped, i hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever im near you, but i see you with him slow dancing tearing me apart cause you dont see, whenever you kiss him im breaking, oh how i ish that was me, na na na, na na na, he looks at you the way hat i would does all he things i know that i could if only time could just turn back ack, cause i got three little words ive been wanting to tell you, but i see you with him slow dancin treaing me apart cause yo dont see whenever you kiss him im breaking oh who i wish that was with my hands on ur wast while we dance in the moonlight i wish it was me that u call latr on cause you wanna say good night, but i see you with him slow dancin treaing me apart cause you dont ut i see you with hom slow dancin treaing me apart cause you dont whenever you kiss him im breaking oh how i wish oh how i wish oh how i wish that was meeee..... oh how i wish that was me' 'Now if there is anyone who has backstage passes come this way' Louis Tomlinson said 'Hello love, how are you on the fina day?' Louis Tomlinson said 'Fine thank you how are you' Ann said 'Good thank you' Louis replied. After talking to all of them Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn and , Harry oh wait i dont think i have spoken to Harry yet. 'Hello, my name is Ann you must be Harry Styles' Ann said with a smile on her face 'Hi nice to meet you love' Harry said with a sad voice 'Whats wrong' Ann asked 'Its just that, the tweets on twitter, its just nasty how people say those things.' Harry said with a tear running down his face 'Oh its ok Harry i will help you get over it, oh wait i cant the guards are asking people to leave now' Ann said in disapointment 'Give me your phone, there i put your number into my phone and yours into mine, i will give you a call, goodbye' Harry said 'Bye' Ann said in joy *Ann and Sabrina left*
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