If Only You Saw What I Can See

18-year-old Sailor Embers is just your typical American girl. She loves One Direction and can't wait to see them in concert! When she's there however, she catches the eye of one certain boy. See how One Direction falls hard for the one girl from America.


5. the fighter




Harrys P.O.V.

That ass wasn't going to get away with this as easy as he thought. I tapped on his window and he rolled it down. "I'd like to have a word you with," I say trying not to get off on the wrong foot. He got out of the car and turned his head just a little. Crap. He saw Sailor standing there just a few feet away. He looked at me then back at her and he took a step towards her. I couldn't believe he would still try to hurt her. I punched his jaw and he stumbled back. He went to his car and pulled out what  he would have pulled on Sailor. A...


Sailors P.O.V.


I looked at Harry as Jake pulled out a dagger from his car. A 5 inch dagger. He was going to either kill Harry or me. Just then i saw a pair of headlights pull up and Zayn, Niall, and Louis walk out of the car. I smile and say, "What are you three doing here?" "Came to your rescue," Zayn says with a wink. He runs over to Jake, who is shocked by the fact that 4 boys want to help me, and grabs the dagger. Niall takes Harry into the car and drives away with him. Louis takes on Jake. Now that he is unarmed this should be easier. Louis punches Jake in the jaw and Jake pushes him back. Louis was about to punch him again when a police car showed up. They took Jake and asked Louis what had happened. He told him everything that he had heard. Apparently, Harry had the boys on speaker phone the whole time. Liam stayed back to call the police once they got there. The police drove away and for the first time in a long time I felt safe again. I smiled at Louis and he ran over to me. I didn't expect what would happen next. I didn't really want it to happen, it just, did.

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