If Only You Saw What I Can See

18-year-old Sailor Embers is just your typical American girl. She loves One Direction and can't wait to see them in concert! When she's there however, she catches the eye of one certain boy. See how One Direction falls hard for the one girl from America.


1. that night




My name is Sailor and well, I love One Direction. But who doesn't? Anyways, I'm going to a concert tonight! I'm so excited! I mean, who wouldn't be? The boys are my inspiration and i love them. But anyways, i have to get ready! I leave in 2 hours! 


•••• 3 hours later ••••


So I'm at the concert and well it hasn't started. There are still some people coming in but it should start soon. Oh wait, the lights are going down! I'm in the front row and I can see their feet running around on stage. As the curtain raises so does the screams. They look around the crowd and Harry's eye's land on me. He smiles and winks at me and all the girls around me go wild thinking it was for them. I smile and look at the ground. "HELLO HOUSTON!" Niall yells into his microphone. The screams erupt and of course i scream too. Harry looks at me and smiles as they start singing One Thing. I sing along to every word and i notice that Harry was singing certain lines towards...me. I laugh it off. How could Harry Styles be looking at me. I'm nothing special, just your average girl. I have brown, wavy, long hair and blue eyes. Some people say I'm pretty but i just don't see it. Towards the end of the concert I see a group of girls start to point and out of the crowd I see Paul walking towards me. He stops in front of me and tells me, "Harry wants to talk to you after the concert backstage." He hands me a backstage pass and walks away. I turn to face my mom and she just nods her head as if she was saying, "You can drive yourself home," I laugh at her face and continue to sing along. Once the concert ends I start to make my way to the back. Once I get back there i hear Louis say, "Harry! You don't even know her!" "But she's so pretty mate!" Harry says. You smile and walk in. "Um, hello?" I say. Well that sounded stupid. "Harry look! Its the girl you wouldn't shut up about!," Zayn yells.

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