If Only You Saw What I Can See

18-year-old Sailor Embers is just your typical American girl. She loves One Direction and can't wait to see them in concert! When she's there however, she catches the eye of one certain boy. See how One Direction falls hard for the one girl from America.


4. flashback




•••• Last year ••••


"NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed. I ran away from the person i loved. The person i trusted. "Come back here you ungrateful slut," my ex-boyfriend yelled at me. He was mad I had gone out with guy friends. "You always have to go out with other boys dontcha? Your such a slut Sailor." he sneered. He reached for the nearest thing. In that case it was my moms flat iron, still on. He ran over to me and grabbed my wrist. "Let...go.....NOW" i yelled. He laughed and tightened his grip as he pressed the hot iron on my skin. I screamed and begged him to stop. He finally let go and I ran away. "Get your sorry ass back here!" he yelled after me. I didn't look back. I grabbed my phone and purse and left. I left him and his house. I left everything behind. I ran to the place on the corner of 21st and hid in the restroom. I heard him running after me. I locked the door and pulled my legs up on the seat as i tried to be as quiet as possible. I heard him come into the bathroom and tried not to scream when he knocked on my stall door. "ARE YOU IN THERE?" i didn't reply and he looked under the stall door to see no feet so he moved on. Finally he said, "SAILOR! I will find you." Just then i screamed. I opened the door and ran out as fast as i could. But he was too fast. He pinned me against the wall outside of the bathrooms. I saw the knife before it hit me. He took it and cut my stomach open. Right then the police took him away and i was rushed to the hospital. I blacked out and woke up in the hospital, still alive.


•••• Back to the present ••••


Tears ran down my face as i remembered the horrible memories. Jake. Jake was back and he was going to kill me i knew it. He only spent a year in prison cause his father was a lawyer. I was scared. I stopped at a park bench some 5 miles away from my house. "Sailor, what was that," Harry asked me. I told him everything. Everything about me and Jake and about my scars. I showed him my stomach and i saw a tear leave his eyes. "Why are you crying?" i said. "I can't believe some jerk did this to a girl as beautiful as you." he said. Then i started crying. He held me for what seemed like hours. I realized i couldn't go back home. Not while Jake was there. He would hurt me for sure. "Harry,"  i began, "I-" he cut me off and said, "Your staying with me until we get this figured out." I smiled for once and got up. We walked around London until it got dark. We went back to Harry's flat and i went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Harry curled up next to me and held me tight the whole night. The morning came and i realized i had to do something about Jake. I got up and woke up Harry. After a few hours we left to go back to my house. I saw Jakes car in my driveway and knew he was still there. Harry saw it too and walked up to the car. He got Jake to come out and well...

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