If Only You Saw What I Can See

18-year-old Sailor Embers is just your typical American girl. She loves One Direction and can't wait to see them in concert! When she's there however, she catches the eye of one certain boy. See how One Direction falls hard for the one girl from America.


3. finally falling




Once i got home i texted Harry and said, We should hang out soon(: say tomorrow at 12 for lunch? I pressed send and waited for a reply. Almost instantly my phone buzzed and i read the text from Harry: Sounds great babe. Can't wait to see you again :* I smiled and decided to go to bed. 


•••• The next morning ••••


I woke up around 10 and jumped out of bed and into the shower. I hadn't realized i had slept so late! Once i got out of the shower i saw a text from Harry: Hey love! You didn't say where to meet so lets go to the little place on the corner of 21st. See you in a bit babe<3 You knew that place but it brought back terrible memories of before. You almost let a tear fall but quickly took your mind off it. That was the past and this is a new boy, it will be different. You sighed and dried your hair. You put your music on and turned up the volume and got into the zone. You were curling your hair when you burned your hand. You looked down on it and saw the burn from last year. The doctor said the mark would stay forever but i could say it was a birthmark. It just brought back really bad memories. You sighed and lifted up your shirt. The scar that went from one side to the other was clearly visible. You shed a tear just thinking about it. You put your shirt down and finished getting ready. 

  You headed down to the restaurant and saw Harry standing outside it. Once he saw you his face lit up and he walked over to you and hugged you. "Hey baby," he said as he kissed your cheek. You faked a smile and walked in with him. The date was going great until he took your hand. You winced at the feeling of someone touching your scar and Harry looked at you. "Are you okay?" he asked. You wanted to say no. You wanted to tell him everything that had happened over the past year but you couldn't. He would leave you for sure. "Yeah, I'm fine!" you replied with a bubbly smile and a wink. He returned the favor by kissing your hand and you went on with the conversation. 

    When the date ended Harry walked you home. You stopped outside your door and Harry kissed you. It felt different though. Like he was worried and- Your thoughts were cut short when you heard the familiar voice and looked behind your shoulder and saw him standing in your doorway. You took Harry's hand and ran. You ran away from the voice that hurt you so many times. From the voice that caused you to have so many scars. From the voice that tried to kill you just months ago. 

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