Moments <3

Haylee is just a normal girl.. She has her 4 friends, Ally, Lexi, Zarin and Millie.. And Haylee has a job as a 17 year old maid at her uncle Tommy's hotel. The surprise is.. One Direction is staying in that hotel at the top floor.. Lexi, Ally, Zarin and Millie all wanted to see them, and today was going to be her first day being at thier service for 3 weeks.. And The other 4 girls pose as maids, to see the boys.. And the story goes on from there..j


1. New Clients

Haylee's POV - I woke up at 5:30.. My everyday thing, and I had work at 7:00 so I got up and took a shower.. I got out at about 6:00 .. I take lond showers, and I brushed my hair.. I got some clothes out of my closet and got out my hotel shirt, a Carmel-ish color with the logo on the top corner, some black yoga pants and I did my makeup.. Uncle Tommy said that I was going to me working on a new hotel room today. I did some mascara and some lipgloss. It was6:30 so I grabbed my black sneakers and slipped them out the door.. I walked over to the hotel and I got there at around 6:40 I had 20 to go and have breakfast.. I had anatole and some oranje juice. It's was time for my shift and I got my maids cart.the girls walk in and come to the desk,. "Hey Girls, " I say, WHIS organizing the cart "Hayyy!" Ally says back.. I giggled and I pulled out from behind the counter.. "guess what..?" Zarin exclaimed.. "what?!?" I asked, "we talked to ur uncle T.. And who ur going to be working with .." "is?!?" I gulped.. And they all said in unison,.."One Direction"
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