More Than This


3. Mkre that this

Ch. 3

Once we got to the apartment he woke me up. "Get up sleepy head we're here." He opened the door and helped me get out. As I got out of the car I saw a girl about our age staring at me and zayn. I looked at her and smiled. "Hi. You must be the new neighbor. My name is Haneen." "Hi Haneen. I'm Taylor and he's Zayn." "Your boyfriend is kinda cute," she whispered in my ear. "Omg he's not my boyfriend we're only bestfriends." "Oh hehehe sorry. HARRY!" she called. "Harry these are our new neighbors. Taylor and Zayn. This is my boyfriend Harry." "Hi Harry nice to meet you," Zayn said. "Hi Harry," I said. Now this time I whispered in her ear. "Your boyfriend is kinda cute. Hehehe." "Thanks! You and Zayn look like you can be a really cute couple." "Thanks but I don't know if we'll go that far it might ruin our relationship as friends." "Let's get going so you can unpack your stuff," Zayn said to me. "Ok see you guys later," I said. We started unpacking our stuff in silence. I finally said something to break the awkward silence. "Hey can I ask you something?" "Yeah sure anything," he said. "Remember the day I told you I was leaving to Florida?" I asked. " Yeah what about it?" "Well when I was walking away I heard you saw something. It sounded like you said you loved me. Do you really love me or were you just saying that because I was leaving?
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