More Than This


1. More Than this

Ch. 1

I finally got home from hanging out with zayn all day. We went to the movies, we went shopping, we went to the park, and did a bunch if other things. I can't stop thinking about how dreamy he is. How is it possible to be that hot? "TAYLOR!" my mom called. "What do you want mom?" "Did you finish packing for tomorrow?" she asked. OHMYGOD! I forgot to tell zayn. How could I forget? I was suppose to tell him before I came home. UGHHH! I'm soo mad right now. I thought to myself. I gotta call zayn like right now! 

"Hello?" zayn said. "Hey I forgot to tell you something. It's like really really important," I said. "Yeah what is it?" "I think I should tell you in person. Meet me at the park," I said. "Sure thing." "Ok bye." 

"Hey, what was it you wanted to tell me?" zayn asked. "Well..." tears started running down my face. "it's so hard to say..but my parents are sending me to Florida to live there." "Omgg WHYY? And all by yourself??" "Yeah. They said theres good colleges there and want me to attend one of them next year." "I'm gonna miss you like crazy. You don't even know what I'm feeling right now and you didn't even leave yet," he said. "Promise me you'll come and visit me there?" I asked wiping away my tears. "I promise love." I gave him the biggest hug ever. "I love you!" he said while I was walking away. I looked back to see him one last time. I smiled at him and kept walking. I can tell he wanted to cry his eyes out but didn't want to do it in front of me.

I'll be updating daily! Hope you enjoyed this chapter let me know what you think!
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