Babysitting one direction

Lucy is a normal teenage girl every summer she gets to baby sit children her father always abuses her her mother died. Came a summer and she got a call from someone asking if she can babysit his nieces for the whole summer and she can live in the house too. She was surprised when she found out that she was going to babysit one direction! Is she gonna baby sit or not? Will she get in love with one of them? and will they respect like any babysitter? Read and find out.


2. Dad

I woke up the next day at 6:00am I took a shower and went to my closet and couldn't decide what to wear I soon decided on wearing a yellow dress with a white belt and tied my hair into a ponytail. I ran downstairs and was surprised not too see my father anywhere. I made myself some breakfast some bacons and an omelette for I am a great chef. I got ready to go to the house that I am gonna stay in I got a A text from my friend

"can I come over, I'm bored :("
"thanks be there in 10 minutes"

I started packing, I didn't have many clothes because I often go shopping. When I was little I always go with my mother, when she died I stopped going only if I wanted things urgent. Kayla, my friend, came over and we kept talking and talking.

" hey, I forgot to tell you I will not be here the whole summer" I said to her. She seemed disappointed.

"you are never here in the summer you are always babysitting children, can't you not go this summer?"

"I can't, I need the money, sorry"

"okay but I will miss you a lot"

"I'll miss you too"

After a bit she got back to her house because her mother wanted her. So about 8:00am I saw my father in the driveway I quickly opened the T.V. So it looks like I was busy watching it.

He came and sat down beside me.

"Dad, I have a job to babysit some children, can I go?"
"yes, as long as you are out of trouble"

I thanked him and went upstairs and took my phone and opened twitter.
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