Babysitting one direction

Lucy is a normal teenage girl every summer she gets to baby sit children her father always abuses her her mother died. Came a summer and she got a call from someone asking if she can babysit his nieces for the whole summer and she can live in the house too. She was surprised when she found out that she was going to babysit one direction! Is she gonna baby sit or not? Will she get in love with one of them? and will they respect like any babysitter? Read and find out.


1. The call

Lucy pov.
It was 7:30am when I woke up, I heard my father shouting downstairs " get your butt down here and make me breakfast" my dad said to me shouting. "okay"I said tiredly. I got a quick shower and dressed into a denim Jeans short and a striped red and white blouse and pind my hair into a bun and put a light makeup on my face. I ran downstairs and saw my father laying on the couch watching T.V. I did six pancakes 5 for dad and one for me. I gave him the pancakes and he started to eat it like mad. I finished my pancakes and went into the kitchen to wash the plates when I finished I went up to my room and layed there and read a book. Then my phone rung and I picked up. "hello" I said, "hi, is this Lucy Edward speaking" the other end told me. "yes it is, who is calling?" I said curiously. "my name is Simon cowell, I called because I wanted you to babysit my nieces this whole summer, could you?" he said. "how many are they?" I asked. " five" he said. I was shocked at first buti wanted to leave this house immediatly so I said yes and he told me that his driver will pick me up 9:00am tomorrow morning. "that will be fun" I thought to my self but there is a problem...... My father.

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