Just One Look...

When Clarice, a dedicated Directioner, goes to a One Direction CD signing, she never expected to be the girl to actually steal Niall's heart and become his princess. But when she gets asked to join Niall and the rest of the boys on tour, she didn't think Harry would start to have feelings for her as well. What will happen to the band when things go too far?

Ages 13+ [For minor swearing]



1. The CD Signing

"This is it." I said to myself, "this is really happening." I could hardly believe it.

I was actually at a One Direction CD signing! This is the greatest day of my life! And I'm going to remember it for the rest of my life. March 25th will be the day I see One Direction for the first time.

Even if it meant that I had to be alone in the mall while I waited for the boys to come out. I didn't have a CD for them to sign because I wasn't part of the first 100 girls to have the special Up All Night CD with the blue wristband in it. But I was determined to at least see them. Just once.

I walked over to the section of the mall they were going to be at. There were billions of girls lined up already. I managed to get in one of the side stands where fans without the bracelets could be. I even made a few friends with a couple girls within the three hours I stood there. But I didn't care about what they were saying, I just wanted to see the boys.

The boys were a little behind schedule when they came out of a back room in the mall behind the giant platform with five seats. They were supposed to come out at 1:00, but ended up coming a little after 2:00--which is fine, I didn't care, as long as I got to see them.

I honestly thought that this was a huge joke, that this is just a prank that the mall is putting on us and the boys aren't really here. They're in London recording their next album or something. It's hard to believe that I'll be twenty feet away from them any minute now.

"And now, the teen sensation, One Direction!" the owner of the mall annouced over a microphone.

The place echoed with screams of girls of all ages as the boys ran out of the back room, smiling and waving at all of their fans.

Liam came out first in a white tee shirt and black pants, looking sweet and caring as always. Louis ran out after Liam wearing a blue V-neck, grey beanie, and signiture red suspenders with a huge smile on his face. Behind Louis was Zayn who looked daring and myserious in all black--black long sleeved shirt and black skinny jeans. Harry came out after Zayn smiling and waving like crazy wearing a grey long sleeved shirt and black pants. His hair was bigger in person. And finally, after Harry came Niall. Niall looked so cute in his white tee shirt, khaki pants, and blue and white snapback.

Okay, I know that being a true Directioner means that you have to love all the boys equally. But I'll be honest, Niall is my favorite. I don't know what it is about him that drives me crazy.

Maybe it's because he has blonde hair and blue eyes and the rest of the boys have dark hair and darker eyes. Or maybe it's because he's Irish and the rest are British. Whatever it is, I like it.

This moment was definitely something I'll remember for the rest of my life. Even though I don't get to be up close and personal with the boys, at least I get to see them. Being twenty feet away from them and breathing the same air as them makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I had my iPhone out and ready to take pictures of the boys. I still couldn't believe this was happening.

I zoomed in and snapped a picture of all the boys individually. And when I got to Harry, I noticed Niall in the back round looking at me. Niall was looking at me! I looked up at him from twenty feet away and he was still just staring at me. I couldn't stop staring back at him. Is this really happening? I managed a wave and he waved back and smiled.

Is this for real?

Is he really looking at me. And did he seriously just wave at me?

I watched Niall nudge Harry's shoulder and point to me. And then Harry stared at me.

My my mind was telling me to wave at Harry too and scream and fangirl like no other but my body just froze. Oh my God. Oh my God, oh my God! This is seriously happening right now!

I savored every second of Harry, Niall, and I making eye-contact, replaying it in my head over and over and over making sure I'll never forget it.

After they were done signing screaming girls' CD's, the boys went to both sides of the section of the mall to where fans without the bracelets could go. They started on the opposite side of me. I watched Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam make their way over to where there were crying and screaming girls. I really hope they hurry up and come to my side.

They then made their way over to my side of the section. I immediatly grabbed my iPhone out of my pocket again and started to frantically take pictures. The boys were just inches away from me, making their way over to me, possibly signing something. They could sign my iPhone! I realized I hadn't brought anything they could write on. I didn't think this would happen.

Zayn was first to approach me. "Zayn, sign my iPhone!" I yelled to him, because it was impossible for him to hear me otherwise with all of these people freaking out. All this noise was giving me a raging headache.

I handed Zayn my iPhone and he grabbed it, then signed it. "Here you go, babe." he said to me, smiling. 

"Thank you!" I managed to say to him as he took my breath away with his mysterious voice.

I missed Louis and Liam's autograph because stupid girls were pushing me out of the front so they could get an autograph. I realized I was now in the second row of girls and probably wouldn't get Niall's autograph. I could be happy with Zayn's (which I am), but I really wanted Niall's.

I watched Niall and Harry sign girl's tee shirts, CD's, and iPods, knowing that I probably wouldn't get an autograph.

Then, something amazing happened.

"Hey!" Harry yelled, pointing to me.

I pointed to myself saying, "Me?"  while other girls were screaming over him.

Harry motioned me to come up to the front.

"I can't!" I yelled to him, making it obvious that I couldn't walk. A couple girls in the front looked back to see who Harry was talking to.

Wait. Harry's talking to me! Harry knows I exist!

Holy shit, fangirling!

Suddenly, I watched Harry make his way around to the back of the section where I stood, he made his way through the girls as they grabbed hold of him, but Harry pushed his way through and grabbed my arm.

"Come with me." he said to me. I looked into his green eyes and couldn't say anything, just listened to him.

I scrambled through the fans with Harry grabbing my dance jacket sleeve. Harry Styles is touching me! Oh my God! I couldn't scream or freak out, I couldn't do anything, I was in so much shock!

When I got out of the pile of girls, the band's body gaurd, Paul, stood in front of the wild pack of girls trying to get at Harry. Other mall gaurds were in front of Paul making sure the girls wouldn't attack Harry.

"Come back to the room with us." Harry said.

I managed a nod in reply to what I wanted to say. "YES HARRY! OH MY GOD OF COURSE I WILL! " was what I was thinking. But I couldn't find the words.


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