Gotta be you

Valerie Walker is a 17 year old girl who lives in Manhattan, New York, and about 1 week ago her world went upside down when her parents got divorced. Her parents thought it would be better to, send her with her best friend Rachel to London. When they are there the most unexpected thing ever happens. They meet ONE DIRECTION.


3. Thinking

I woke up. It was a Tuesday morning and tomorrow Ash and me would be leaving to go to London. I ate an apple for breakfast and a glass of water. I was trying not to eat so much, people in elementary, middle and highschool would always make fun of my weight and my appearence.
-So fatty, when are you gonna start exercising and stop eating so much cookies? Said Amanda (my middle school classmate/bully)
My smile dissapeared and turned into a frown while my eyes started to get watery.
That was when I learned that I have to keep my head held high because that was the day Ashley and I met. After When Amanda told me those hurtful words I ran... I ran away, but Ashley saw me and it was the beginning of a new friendship. I had learned that if in YOUR book, there wasn't a page you liked, just turn the other page and hope that the new page will be better.
After thinking about that I started to pack, and after I was done it was 10:41 pm do I went off to bed hoping that tomorrow will be a GREAT day.
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