Gotta be you

Valerie Walker is a 17 year old girl who lives in Manhattan, New York, and about 1 week ago her world went upside down when her parents got divorced. Her parents thought it would be better to, send her with her best friend Rachel to London. When they are there the most unexpected thing ever happens. They meet ONE DIRECTION.


2. I am going to England?!

** Sorry guys I thought I have published more! I don't know what happenend! :/**

I sat at the table where my parents where and immediatly my mum said:

Val, you know how me and your dad have been through some rough times lately, and we didn't want to get you in a bad mood everytime we are fighting. So we want to send you to England with your friend, for this vacation. So you can relax.

Dad nodded. My mouth went open... at first I was a little scared. But, I would be going with my best friend and to England! I have always wantd to go there, even though I hated going on the plane. It always hurted my ears.

Then I said: " That's a great idea but does Ashley already know?". They both nodded.

Okay! - I said. I finished my breakfast and went upstairs, I took a shower and then wrapped my hair with a white towel and my body with a pink fluffy towel and went in my room where I had already set out my entire outfit. I had a shirt that said 'Smile' and some high-waisted grey shorts with some red converse. I put on a hint of mascara and some lipgloss, and just brushed out my hair and put a bow in it.

I asked my mom if I could go to the mall with Ash and she said yes. So I called her to come over and she went right away to my house and we went off to the mall to buy some clothes for England.

Boy, was Ashley very excited for this trip. After shopping we decided to go to the food court and eat a 'happy meal' at McDonald's, I know we are a little to old for that but they were still good. 

Time had flied by, it was already 6, so I went home and said bye to Ash. I went upstairs opened my computer and played the little cooking games ( your never to young for that), and was on twtter until 9. After that, I just read a book and went off to sleep.


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