Gotta be you

Valerie Walker is a 17 year old girl who lives in Manhattan, New York, and about 1 week ago her world went upside down when her parents got divorced. Her parents thought it would be better to, send her with her best friend Rachel to London. When they are there the most unexpected thing ever happens. They meet ONE DIRECTION.


4. Airport and taxi with...?

I woke up at 2:00 am to get up early to leave to the airport. Ashley had slept over to save more time. We rushed to the car with all our bags with my mom and we drove to the airport, while we were in the car I put in my headphones and plugged it in my iPhone (I did not like the music on the radio, now a days, music has gotten horrible). I listened to the beatles and U2. My favorite bands. I wasn't like other girls who always listened to pop music all the time like Ke$ha... ugh horrible music.

We arrived to the airport, I said goodbye to my mum and went off. We hopped on to the plane and we just read and slept. I had the window seat so it was pretty cool to see the clouds so close. It was beautiful. When the 10 hour flight was done and we landed, we came out as fast as we can. We hated being on planes, and we were very hungry.

Ugh... Valerie I'm so hungry! Wanna get something to eat? asked Ashley 

Yes please! I said as I felt my stomach growl so loud Ashley and I started bursting out laughing. 4

Come on, lets go Ash! - I said rubbing my tummy.

Ok - she said still chuckling.

We arrived at a resturant at the airport, we both asked for some waffles. We waited and talked about the most random stuff ever...When we were done eating we left the resturant. We went with all our luggages. While we started to walk me and Ashley were wating outside for a taxi to come pick us up, the taxi finally arrived we hopped inside we saw that two other boys were in the taxi. One with curly brown hair and green eyes, he was cute, I must say and one with a quiff and chocolate brown eyes they looked familiar to me. I think they were from a band or something.

I could feel the curly one stare at me. When I would look at him I would see his eyes looking right at me. Was I that ugly? Finally he broke the silence and said:

Hi I'm Harry- he seemed very nervous.

Hi I'm Valerie, nice to meet you. - I said 

He smiled. 

How are you? he said.

Im fine, but also exhausted, how about you?. I replied. 

I'm great! I just wanted to say that you're very pretty. I'd love to meet up with you sometime, can I have your number, Valerie? he said.

I blushed. He was a very flirty guy I could tell.

Why thank you very much Harry. But I don't have a number right now because I just came to London and I have'nt got a phone that works here yet but I can give you my twitter! I said giving him my username.

That's ok, thank you! but when you get a phone that works, heres my number so you can text me. He said giving me a number.

Thank you I said

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