1. Friends


We know that friends come and go

We know that they just follow the flow

Until it’s time to go and you think no

And why they didn’t even say bye

But they did say something; a lie

Better than nothing


Cause you want to die

Instead of play that lie

In your mind

Cause you know real friends are hard to find

But when you do you bind

Nothing goes through your mind

But the fact you’ll be friends forever

You’ll never, let them slip away

You trust them but do they trust you too?

You put your faith in them and the day

Is so sweet when they are around

But the next day they are nowhere to be found

You drop to the ground

And you need time to get back in the right line

Cause it will not be the same not even close

But hey it's Ok cause friends come and go

And it’s their loss

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