A Little Kiss

He looked up, saw me in the eyes, his beautiful big brown eyes and his smile with braces, I think he's so charming. He shook her and her hair from side to side. Mhh only he was my!


2. MHH only he was mine!

maybe I like him, maybe it's that...

He looked up, looked me in the eye, his nice big brown eyes and his smile with braces, it's so charming. He slapped her hair from side to side. MHH only he was mine!

I sat in my own world, until I heard someone yell my name, JULIA! Bell had rung and all went out for recess, I sat as the last and Emma stood in the door and waited for my coming. I took my book and ran to the door where Emma was waiting for me. Emma asked what I was thinking, she knows me, so she knows when I daydream about people. I told her that I sat and dreamed almost drooled over the new boy. I think is is so amazing and delicious, his big brown eyes and his wonderful smile. MHH only he was mine! Emma could understand me, and she seems even he was quite handsome, but she had a fling with David, too, she would let me get André. A true friend. We went to Vanessa, Rosalie and Jessica, and asked if they had seen the new boy from our class. I have seen him from the side of it came from Vanessa. HAVE I GOT NEW BOY! Cried Rosalie and Jessica in chorus. I started talking about how great he was and his eyes, his sweet, charming and cute smile! I saw Austin down at the other end of the corridor, I ran down to him. And of course as clumsy as I am I run straight into a boy, he turns around and I spot some big brown eyes. I mumbled a bit and could not really pull myself together to say hello so I went on but he came after me, he began to move faster and get up in front of me and stopped me. He took his hand and I did not really know what I should do so I just looked at it and thinking out of the box, also there's me with the little hand. He took his hand away and said 'hello' again I mumbled a bit and could not really get the words right out the phrase was Ehmhhm, heey you are the new boy are not you? Or simething like it anyway.

He stood and giggled a little, I was quite red in the head. So embarrassing! I turned around just there were some who saw it, I looked down to the girls, they were full of laughter Rosalie had sat down so she would not fall over so much she laughed .. When but now I finally got in touch with him so why not exploit it, I thought. But before I have anything to say anything he said, Well I'm the new, you may not be Julia? And who was it again, now I got that feeling in your stomach, it was really nice, it tickled .. I thought a little inside I said I had to have a cool answer like Yoo Julia to me! Or Julia, ohh year it's me babe! But no, it was just heheh, yes it is me who is Julia while I stood there and messed myself a little in your hair. He giggled a little again, it was cute his smile and the best you could see his smile and his hanger! I was completely lost in him, and becomes quite weak at the knees every time I think of him, or talk about him. I told him that I had on, he grabbed my arm pulled out a pen and wrote something on my hand. He let go and said Yees see you .. I went a bit further so he did not believe I was desperate to see what was written, also trains else I hand up in the face (or almost at least) to see what was written. And my first reaction OHH MY GOD, I DID IT!


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