A Little Kiss

He looked up, saw me in the eyes, his beautiful big brown eyes and his smile with braces, I think he's so charming. He shook her and her hair from side to side. Mhh only he was my!


3. A Rose

And my first reaction OHH MY GOD, I DID IT! ...

Emma was immediately approached me and asked if I was okay and I told her everything that happened, every word, even the embarrassing at first. I told her I had just got his number and she was so happy on my behalf, I ran around and smiled and was super happy. When but it could be that I should go down to Austin which was actually meant, I can not really remember what I was going down with him now, but I went down there to say hello anyway.

When school days were finally over, we had the school bus home again and it got better and better. André was also the school bus, I sat and thought about why he was not with it this morning, maybe he was taken or else he went, no, I think he was run. The seat was vacant next to me normally, I used to sit next to Rosalie, but she had sat next to Charles today, and Andre was coming so I was hoping that he would ask me if he could sit next to me ! It would just be fantastic. He comes walking up the bus started slim, and when it began to run, he went past me and the bus turned and he rolled right into me and our faces met and I looked into his eyes, I had really wanted to kiss him moment. He sat on my lap, maybe a little bit awkward, I do not know. He asked if he could come in and sit and course I hastened to say.

We sat and talked the whole trip home, I actually found out he did not live very far from me, and we could write together later, so we might be together ALONE. Andre jumped up from the seat I got a completely shocked, really! He pressed stop and whispered me see you later, sweet, I was quite weak at the knees. He waved and I or we waved back to him. Emma went on the seat beside me and asked if I had scored him and I sat and pondered what to say. Not I talk just a little with him, whether we should hang out later  Emma laughed a little, hang out, do not you think more that it is your tongue is going to hang out she giggled. I was hoping actually a bit on it, otherwise I would certainly like to kiss him, it could be really fantastic.

The bus was approaching my house, so I pressed stop and went and hugged everyone goodbye and told Emma that I would write later. I had finally come home after a super fantastic day, I hurried through the door threw the bag on the floor and ran up all the stairs and into the room. I started to clear up a little bit up and I looked at my hand that wrote the phone number into my phone and immediately called André, I asked if he had time to get over in half an hour or something. And that he would be happy, I got it that lovely feeling in his stomach again, MHH I was actually starting to love it. Once but I had probably also hurry, I just threw all my clothes into the cabinets and the laundry basket and ran up and down the stairs all the time, eventually the doorbell rang, I took my favorite perfume, DKNY, the green I loved it really. I looked in the mirror put straight my hair put some vaseline on the lips and then went downstairs to open the door and right there in front of my main door stood the new delicious boy. And again, I was about to fall into a reverie and just stand in my own world when he took a rose and said to the prettiest girl I've ever seen..

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