A Little Kiss

He looked up, saw me in the eyes, his beautiful big brown eyes and his smile with braces, I think he's so charming. He shook her and her hair from side to side. Mhh only he was my!


1. The new boy

The time was 8:00 and I was just getting up, I looked myself in the mirror went into the bathroom and washed my face. After that I went back to my room looked in the wardrobe, PANIC no clothes! I opened the closet with dresses in took a dress out picked it up in front of the body and went to the mirror, it is enough just today I said to myself. I took it on and a pair of blue Convers and put my over to the mirror to put make-up and curl hair.

I think actually I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Julia and is 15 years, I must in 9th grade. I ride and I've done it ever since I was little, or at least since I was four. I live in New York, but coming from New Jersey. I quarter Spaniards since my father is half Spaniards but has always lived here in New York. I've always gone to school in New York, I moved from New Jersey when I was 5 years. I've been cheerleading for almost 2 years, which consists of dancing, throwing, jumping, crude and acrobatics.

When but now school bus here too soon, so I took my school bag and went into the kitchen took the money mother had laid on the table for me so I could buy lunch. I walked out the door and over to the bus stop, a little after came some of my friends. School bus came off debt on time today and we could be at the school in good time so we should not hurry the bus stop and the school as we had dismounted. When but now I can probably also well present some of my friends, Emma is one of the girlfriends I've known the longest we've always talked together and have always been able to talk about anything we know that we are always there for each other. Then there is Jessica, she started in the fourth class, but a friend who I also talk a lot with her means a lot to me! Also, Rosalie and Vanessa both 2 some huge amazing girls, they can always find a smile and would not lose the friendship we have together, they mean a lot to me even though they only started in 7th grade. Then there are the 3 best boys David, Charles and Austin, they do all three very much to me and we've been friends ever since kindergarten and we've always talked very well, they're just some great guys!

We come into the classroom and we start to have biology in the first two hours, I think it can be boring, but it is my opinion. When Paul our biology teacher then comes in, he has the sweetest really the sweetest boy I've ever seen, he says that the boy named Andre and come from France, he can speak English but not fluent, he must go to my class and equal when I got it afvide I got a weird feeling in your stomach, not as if you have it bad, but a good and nice feeling. André is really nice, he has blond hair put it this way to the side and some wildly beautiful brown eyes, whether he has the coolest style. Paul says that Andre must sit in my table and I get back that feeling in your stomach, maybe I like him, maybe it's that.

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