The Day Of The Accident

Kelsey, a young teenager, falls in love with Harry Styles. One night, coming back from a date, Harry drives Kelsey back home and loses control of the wheel. Kelsey wakes up in the hospital a day later. Harry looking over her. She doesn't seem to recognize his face. Will she remember or will she forget forever?

Story by: Grace & Leah


2. When it all happens

Kelsey was so excited for her date with Harry ,but she couldn't stop wondering where they are going. She started to get ready an before she new it 8:00 came. Harry called her and told her to come outside. Kelsey was so excited she could not believe she was about to go on a date with Harry Styles.

She walked outside then into his car.

Harry said," hey babe."

Kelsey said,"Where are we going?"

Harry said," You will see!" They stated driving, Kelsey still had no idea where they were going. As they were driving, Kelsey noticed they were surrounded by 18 wheelers. Kelsey got really scared because her dad died in an 18 wheeler accident a year ago today. They turned at a light and all Kelsey saw was headlights.....

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