The Day Of The Accident

Kelsey, a young teenager, falls in love with Harry Styles. One night, coming back from a date, Harry drives Kelsey back home and loses control of the wheel. Kelsey wakes up in the hospital a day later. Harry looking over her. She doesn't seem to recognize his face. Will she remember or will she forget forever?

Story by: Grace & Leah


1. Meeting

Kelsey woke up with a smile.  She knew today was going to be the best day yet! The day she got to meet her favorite boy band, One Direction.  Kelsey got dressed in her favorite 1D shirt and her cutest pants.  She wore all of her 1D accessories.  Her and her mom drove a long ways away from home just so Kelsey could live her dream.  


As soon as it was time for the concert, Kelsey and three of her friends met at their seats in the first row from the stage.  And when the concert started the girls started crying.  During Gotta Be You Harry reached out and touched her hand.  She would never wash her hand again.  She cried and cried until the concert ended.  She was out of tears. Tears of joy.  The fun didn't end there, after the concert there was a meet and greet.  Even though they were 50th person in line, they made the best of it by singing What Makes You Beautiful in line.  When the girls got to meet them, Harry remembered exactly who Kelsey was.  

"Hello soft hands." He said charmingly.

"Hi." Kelsey responded surprised.  She couldn't stop shaking.

When the few seconds with the boys, Kelsey was too stunned to even notice until now.


When she got home she called the number.

"Hello.  I knew you would called love." Harry answered.

"Um. Hi. I don't mean to sound rude but why did you give me your number?" She said

"I like you. I like you a lot." 

"I like you too."

"Hey listen, do you want to... hang out later babe?'

"Ok. Sure."

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8pm."

"Ok. Where are we going?"

"sshhh It's a secret."

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