The Day Of The Accident

Kelsey, a young teenager, falls in love with Harry Styles. One night, coming back from a date, Harry drives Kelsey back home and loses control of the wheel. Kelsey wakes up in the hospital a day later. Harry looking over her. She doesn't seem to recognize his face. Will she remember or will she forget forever?

Story by: Grace & Leah


3. Everything that could go wrong, did

Kelsey just lays.  Her mind frozen and all she can hear is the faint sound of her heart beat.  Harry walks in and kisses her on the cheek.  He's not to certain about what happened.  For all he saw, bright lights and an injured girl.  Harry's fine because his airbag went off but, he doesn't know what happened with the passengers seat.

"Excuse me, I'm going to need you to please exit the room.  It's time for her surgery." one of the doctors said.  

Harry leaves the room, slides down the wall and wraps his arms around his legs which are pressed up against his chest.  Harry thinks to his self "What have I done?  I couldn't of possibly killed her." He remembered the first time he met her.  He can't regain his strength to stand up.


"Harry.  Theres something we need to tell you." the same doctor said when she came out of the room 30 minutes later.

"What is it?" He asked.

The doctor replied with a sigh, "We're not sure we can heal her."

Harry shakes his head no and starts to cry again.

"May I ask what exactly happened last night?" the doctor asked.

"It was 8:00pm last night and I was driving to a surprise location with Kelsey.  I turned the corner and a 18-wheeler came out from nowhere and... we crashed."

"Well it looks like Kelsey has a broken rib cage and leg. She also has some brain damage."

"When do you think she will be healed?"

"We're not certain she will be healed.  We're going to keep her here tonight for surgery and observation. I think it's best if you go home now."


One week later Harry gets a call from the hospital.  He opens his mouth and drops the phone.

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