Be Yourself

This is a poem I wrote in attempt to inspire everyone to just be themselves, look past what others think of them and to stand up for what you believe. I'm sure everyone will leave this poem with different interpretations and I hope it motivates everyone to go after their dreams and goals.


2. Reality


Dreams are cruel

And always challenge you to a duel

They give you hope that someday you’ll win

Living in a mansion sippin’ gin

But what they forget to tell you about

Is that there is some doubt

It may not come true

But you stick to it like glue

You dream about it every night

And it always seems bright and shines in the light

Every night you go to bed

And again it’s in your head

For a second you think it’s no lie

But when you find out it is you wish you’d die

You wake up

From you nap

Look around in you room

And feel the doom

The reality

And normality

Of your life

So you reach for the knife

But you are stopped by a hard knock on the door

And drop the knife to the floor

You kick it under your bed

While images of what could have happened still run through your head

The stranger turns the door handle

As the wind flows out the candle

The stranger gives you a hand

As you arrive to the promise land

They look you in the eye

As you wave goodbye

To the knife

That could have ended your life

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