Stupid in Love

A short story about Niall Horan. It was the most beautiful wedding of all times.


1. Chapter 1

Only one chapter,, enjoy 8)


He sits across from me. His eyes is sparkling, they almost look like melting ice. When they meet mine I can barely breath for a second. I must look like a fool beside him. Red as a tomato or like a drawling dog. I can't help it I love him. I love how he always thinks about others, never selfish in any way. His hair is always perfect and his body... nothing to complain about that. He turns to me and look me in the eyes for a brief moment before he says:

"Could i borrow you napkin?" I gave  him my light purple napkin who hadn't been touch through the whole dinner. He took it gently and I watched him take away the sauce on his lips before he leans closer and closer to... her, and kissed her gently on the lips. Everything tears apart inside me. I have seen them together for years but it had never hurt this bad before. They stand up together an leaves the room. One of the men in the room yells:

"The bride and groom has left the building." While Im whispering: 

"I love you Niall Horan, always have and always will."


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