Hi,i am Chantel Mckinly. I am 11 and love ice skating. oh yeah , i just met my dad today and guess who he is! Niall Horan.


2. The luck of the Irish.

We laughed a bit before we arrived to a huge apartment building. "Welcome home." i heard Zayn say as he checked his phone. "Thanks." i said sarcastically. "Love...only the lucky live here." i heard Liam say before unbuckling his seat belt. "Your half get used to a lot of luck." I heard Dad...or Niall or daddy say. "Uhha." was all i could say. i felt someone grab my hands. one was Harry...not surprised and the other one was dad. " live here? Ive only seen places like this on TV." they smiled. As we entered i felt all eyes on me which made me blush a bit. we walked up to the counter. "So this is her?" i heard a lady say behind the counter. "Yeah...she really looks like her mum." that made me blush a bit since my mom was really pretty. he was certainly lying. "Hi, I am Chantel." i said letting go of Harry's hand to shake hers. "Lillian." she said with a huge smile on her face. then i looked at my dad who was looking all over the counter. "Where is it?" i heard dad say. "Where is what?"i said looking with him. "He is looking for the Smarties." i heard Liam say.  "Ohhh. well in that eat a lot dad. its amazing! i mean you are! if i eat a peach i would be as big as a balloon." i said playfully patting his stomach. "Thank you!" he said in the middle of his third pack. we entered the apartment. "WOW!" i said practically looking in every direction. "We gotta you at Nando's with Ullia." Louis said before making a face of disgust. "Ullia?" i said looking at him after everyone left. he just looked at me and pointed to a girl who came out of a room. "Niall...i said no more orphans!" she said as she practically pushed me next to him. "Hello! I am Chantel Horan! or as i like to say your worst nightmare if you ever lay a germ on me again." i said giving her the 'back off' look. "Who is this little brat?" she said facing Dad this time. "Ullia...this is Chantel,my daughter." he said. "Let me guess...your the girl who tries to hog my dad's money for publicity. either that or your the gum on the sidewalk." i said giving her a stern look. "No little child i am your dad's girlfriend." she said before kissing my dad on the cheek. "I gotta go to the bathroom." Dad said leaving Ullia and I on the same couch.  eeeew! "Listen little mess this pay for it!" she said bringing me close to her. i pinned my nose the way you do when you smell something bad and simply said, "Move before you spread uglyitis." i said shooing her away like a dog.  my dad walked into the room. "Ullia...for the sake of my relationship with Chantel,i think it is better if we...erm...break up." he said slightly smiling on his face. "So do I! i couldnt stand another second with this little b----." i looked at her with a fake smile before saying, "Minors are in the room...just in case your brain didn't process that correctly. oh wait...WHAT BRAIN? never mind!" she walked out with her purse leaving my dad standing there laughing like an idiot. "I am so sorry! I didn't mean for you guys to break up!" "No worries! i have been waiting for months for the perfect come back...and you had it!" he said patting me on the shoulder. i smiled...happy that he wasn't mad. "So...where is my room?" he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a grey and pink room. "Thank you!" i said giving him a kiss on the cheek which made him blush more than when Ullia did. "No problem! you might want to bathe and change to go to Nando's. i nodded and he walked away. After i took a shower...i decided to put on a "I LOVE CATS" shirt,some jeans and red TOMS in honor of Harry and Louis. i walked out to the living room and saw my dad sitting on the couch playing on his DS. "Ready." i said as i sat next to him. i was a pro at pokemon so i decided to help him a bit. "Can I help?" he looked at me. "Erm...sure love." he passed me the DS and took it off pause. i got through five levels in 15 minutes. " are amazing!" he said as he admired my work. "Have you heard of the Pokemon player cmHoran?" i said playing without even looking at the screen. "Yeah! Me and the lads have been trying to beat her all month!" he said making a sad face. "Yeah well thats me!" i said handing him the DS back. "Oh the lads will be so jealous!" he said making the funniest smile on earth. i think i laughed my guts out. "We should get going." he said pulling me up and dragging me to the door.


*15 minutes later.* We arrived at Nandos. we walked in and i quickly rushed over to a table pulling dad behind me. "Wow! do you have feeling for this specific table?" he said adjusting his hoodie so nobody would recognize him. "Nope...but my luck has always worked here." i said  as i saw everybody walk in.  i walked over to them. "Hello!" i said as i adjusted Harry's hoodie. "Nice outfit love." he said before pulling me into a hug. "Thanks." i said before i noticed everyone else. Louis pulled me out of Harry's hand and introduced me to everyone. "Girls,this is Chantel. she is a mini me in a female." he said before smiling. "Correction. I am a funnier female version of Uncle Louis." i said i smiled at him. "She is my girlfriend!" Harry said. "In your dreams!" i said smiling at him. "Hey I am Eleanor...but you can call me Aunt El!"i smiled and shook her hand. "I am Danielle and you can call me Aunt Dani!" she hugged me. i am i wasn't completely used to the whole hugging thing. "I am Perrie and i guess you can call me Aunt Perr." she said. She hugged me too. then i heard someone else. "I am Harry and you can call my boyfriend." Harry said before pulling me into another hug. "OK UNCLE Harry." Luckily Dad was ordering so he didn't hear Harry...or else he would have sprayed hot sauce all over him. "So where are we sitting?" i heard Uncle Liam say. "There!" i said pointing at the empty table. "Wow! you know where you want to sit! Why?" Uncle Louis said. "Because it is in the same area the table I sat in when i beat all of you in Pokemon." i said walking to the table. "I didn't think girls played!" Louis said. "I didn't either until I started playing Mr.CarrotsandStripes." i said knowing that that was his username. "Only the lads and cmHoran know my username!" he said looking at me with that 'huh?' look. "Hello! I am cmHoran!" i said snapping them out of it. "No way! cmHoran beat us every time!" Liam said looking at me with big eyes. "Yes. i did beat you a lot didn't I?" i said before smiling. "Proof!" Louis said before giving me that 'busted!' look. "Ok." i said as i pulled out my DS from my purse. "Did you bring yours?" i said as they nodded and pulled them out. The girls were just taking pictures and videos to post on YouTube and twitter. "Ready?" i said as i looked at them. they nodded and we counted down. "Go!" Dad said as he stood next to me.we started and of course i was winning.  about halfway through Harry's Pokemon was standing right next to me. "Need some space?" he said before smiling. "Nope stay right there!" i said. he tripped on a rock that was in-front of him and well died. "WHAT?" i heard him say. "I won!" i said laughing my head off. "OK." i heard them all say. yup. i am an international heart braker. MUAHAHAHA!


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