Hi,i am Chantel Mckinly. I am 11 and love ice skating. oh yeah , i just met my dad today and guess who he is! Niall Horan.


3. I dare...

After we all ate we headed over to this littl bakery. i sat down at a table with Aunt Dani before she asked, "What happend to Ullia?" i smiled and said..."I didn't like her so i practically kicked her out." she laughed befre she stopped. "Really?" i smiled and nodded. She headed over to my dad. I could see everyone look at me with their jaws dropped. I simply waved. "So, you kicked Ullia out?" i nodded before taking a sip of the tea they bought me. "Wow." i heard all of the whisper. "Thanks." I said before standing up and going to the bathroom.As i walked in i saw someone at the sink putting their makeup on. As i looked over I saw a familiar face. "Ella?" I said as I walked over to the mirror. "CHANTEL! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" she said as she jumped on me. You see,Ella was my best friend before i moved to Virginia three months ago. "Why are you here?" I said before we started walking out. "I am here for my aunts wedding." she said before looking around. "How about you?" "I am here seeing my dad." "What? I thought he dissapeared!" "Nope. My mom left." I said before crossing my arms. "Oh My Gosh! ITS ONE DIRECTION!" She said before pointing them to me. "I dare you to go kiss Harry on the cheek." I nodded then walked up to Harry. "I love you uncle Harry." I said before kissing him on the cheek. "And you too Uncle Louis." i said before doing the same. I did it to everyone,and then walked over to Ella. "Oh my gosh I cant beileve you just did that!" She said before jumping. I pulled her to the table. "This is my friend Ella." I said before she started fan-girling. "Its so nice to meet you! Oh my gosh you guys are hotter in person! Especially you Niall." they laughed before I said, "Eeeeew. You have a crush on him?!" She looked at me. "Chantel you know they can hear you!" She said before hitting my arm. "I know." I said taking a sip of my tea. "No Chantel! Its not yours!" she said before pulling my arm back. "Yeah it is. Plus. I am thirsty." I said before smiling and pulling back...landing on Harry's lap. "Oh i have been waiting for this moment." Harry said pulling me into a hug. "Chantel! Harry Styles is hitting on you!" I heard Ella say. "I know. He does it a lot. considering the fact that I am the whole package." "Yeah right." I heard Zayn say. "Uncle Zayn go along with it!" I said a little too loud. "Uncle? What do you mean Chantel?" Elle said pulling me out of Harry's lap. "Well, my dad is him." I said pointing at Niall or Dad. "REALLY? YOU ARE CHANTEL HORAN? THAT IS CRAZY! AGH!" Ella said before pulling me into a hug. "Love it's time to go!" I heard Louis say. "Ok." i said before letting go. "Call me!" I said before leaving. "How do you know her?" I heard dad say. "She was my best friend before my mom died." I said, lightly squeezing his hand. He stopped when we arrived to the car. I entered. As soon as i sat down...i started crying like crazy. Dad laid my head in his chest which stopped the crying but not the feelings. "It's OK love. I miss her too." He said before he too started lightly crying. Before I knew it everyone was crying. Except for Liam who was trying to calm us down.

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