Hi,i am Chantel Mckinly. I am 11 and love ice skating. oh yeah , i just met my dad today and guess who he is! Niall Horan.


1. HUH?

I walked out of the small plane. i followed the lady to an entrance. "Miss,your guardian will be waiting right here." she said pointing at the small seats across the room. i squatted on the ground from all the heavy luggage i was using. After about 15 minutes, i heard someone call my name "Chantel McKinly?" i looked around to find a shortish man with a hoodie on behind me. "Thats me."  i said standing up and picking up my hand. "Hi i am Niall." "Wait you are Niall Horan?" i said dropping my bags again. "I believe so." he said before handing me a half eaten hot dog and picking up my bags."So you are my dad." i said taking staring at the hot dog. "Yeah,pretty much." "So i am allowed to do this! " i said taking a bite of his hot dog. "NOOOO!" he said as we entered a black Mercedes. "What happened?" i said as i finished chewing my bite. "It was a good hot dog!" he said  pulling out a hand and snatching the hot dog out of my hand. "Well your daughter cant get a bite of a wonderful hotdog?" i said making a puppy dog face. "Ugh... one more bite,but no more." he said handing me the hot dog back i took a bite with a smile on my face before noticing there were a ton of boys in the car laughing. "Hello." i said handing the hot dog back. "You are amazing! If we tried to do that,we would get a slap on the head or worse, a concussion." one of them said in between laughs.  "Is that true?" i said looking back at Niall. "No,they would not get a concussion,they would land a spot in the cemetery." he said taking a bite again. "I guess i am amazing." i said arrogantly. "Or,you are his daughter." another one of the boys said. "Blah blah! you are ruining my pride." i said before smiling a cheeky grin. "Ohhh, she is a sassy one. meow!" a curly head one said before looking at Niall who squirted ketchup in his face. "NO HARRY!" he said before squirting a little more. "BOYS! YOU KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE!" a big guy said. "But Paul,he was hitting on her!" Niall said. "He makes out with trees Niall." Paul said before Harry let out a fake shocked gasp. "It was a secret Paul!" he said before making a fake shocked face. "Whatever Harry." he said before turning back to his phone. "So whats your name love." a guy eating a bag of carrots said. "Chantel,not Chanelle, not Chantal,Chantel." i said before giving him a smile "Ok Chantal." he said before laughing. "Whats your name?" i asked trying to figure out the best comeback. "Louis." "Oh i know you! Your Larry Stylinson!" i said before everyone started cracking up. "Yeah,you can say that."  


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