Once upon a time

This is a short story (1 page) about Liam Payne. Can't hurt to read it, right?


1. Chapter 1

Only one chapter,, Enjoy 8) 



Once upon a time there was a prince with the name Liam. He used to sing all the time with his golden voice. It sais that his singing voice had super powers, thats how magical his voice was. He used to have concerts with his four other prince brothers. Princesses from all around the world came to listen to them. But there was this one concert where he spotted a special princess in the crowd. She had come from far far away to try and win his heart.

After the concert Prince Liam sent his guards after the princess, hoping that they would find her. And they did. The prince and the princess fell in love and eventually got married. Now they have a beautiful baby princess who is gone change the world someday.


“End of story, Good night honey”

“I want a prince like that to mommy”

“Well, your four, so in twenty years you’re prince will come to.”

“I hope so. Can I say good night to daddy to?”

 “Sure. Daddy do you want to come and say good night?”


“Aw good night sweety. Sweet dreams.”


“So darling witch fairytale did you tell her this time?”

“Well, Prince Liam Payne, I told our wonderful fairytale.”

“Oh, well then Princess Thea Payne, would you like the honor of dancing with me?”

“I would like nothing more.”



Tell me what you think 8)

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