My name is Chantel Riylee Styles. I live with my dad Harry Styles.
i am still hiding from publicity,but when my secret is revealed,will my life change? Would i still be able to call London HOME?


1. Nice.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I rushed downstairs and saw my dad and Uncle Louis,cooking. "Wow! i have never seen this before." i said loud enough for them to hear. "Why cant we make a decent meal once in a while?" dad said before flipping one of the pancakes over. "Because last time we had to call the fire department." i said grabbing the phone,you know,you never know if they are gonna mess up like last time. i stared at the clock. tomorrow was going to be my first day at school. I never knew what it was going to be like,since you saw my picture on some magazines. I have tried hiding from paparazzi,but it never works. I  try to keep it a secret but i will end up having to tell my best friend! It sound easy,but it isn't. Imagine having a play date and have to tell your dad is Harry Styles. It sound simple,but its much more complicated. Friend wants to take picture,friend starts fangirling, friend tells the whole world,you become a hit sensation for good and bad. Some people dont believe him since i have darker skin and dark brown eyes,but we did a test and everything. My mom was Colombian-American,so that explains some. My mom died when i was 7 on valentines day. I never try to talk about it but people ask,and i tell. Sometimes i tell them that she is on a business trip to not get her in the spotlight. I miss her so much... but i still have Aunt Eleanor and Aunt Danielle. They were best friends with my mom so they treat me like their child. Aunt Dani had twins... Alex and Jacob. Aunt El had a baby boy a year ago. My best friend is Lux, since she is in the spotlight too. i was born in 2013. Yup,i am Eleven. Lux is older but we still are around each other a lot. Tours, school, sleepovers, trips and we were the flower girls at Aunt Dani's wedding 7 years ago. I will always remember that day.  

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