when you are around



1. whenever you are around

Whenever you are around
Nothing can bring me down
Maybe its because of the way you
Fill me with love so true
Whenever you are around i feel like a queen
just crowned
You just make me feel
Like i a living a faory tale for real
whenever you around
i feel like im spell bound
cause of the way
this magic you play
Whenever you are around
i feel like someone lost just found
Maybe its beacause of the way you make me smile
Like youd be with me for a zillion miles
whenever you are around i just cant stay on the ground
cause to my high youre the smoke
You make me feel like in a dream i have awoke
Whenever you are around
You wont let even a single tear fall down
Youre the most beautiful ever been
the most beautiful human being
Whenever you are around
nothing can bring me down
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