Starting again

After her ex boy hurt her badly she needs a new start. She moves house in London and finds her self in the same building as harry styles. Her horrid ex boy friend finds her will any body be there to save her?


2. Telling the story

As the evening went on we talked about Simon and there new album. The boys went home at 11. And Harry walked me back up to my apartment after we said good bye to the boys. "thanks for helping me Harry you didn't have to" I say opening the flat door and walking in. "don't worry it was fine" he says following me in. "Ellie can I ask you a question" he asks leaning against the breakfast bar. "yeah go a head" I say looking at this green eyes. "how did you get that scar" I place my hand to it and follow the line, tears start flooding in my eyes and roll down my face. "Ellie what happened" Harry asks putting his arm round me and he walks me over to the sofa and we sit down. I start the story " I met him in a night club his name was Dan he seemed a really nice person we started to go out and one day I said I didnt want to any more and he shut me in his flat and he would do horrid things to me and one day I made a run out of the door and he hit be against the wall out side his flat and he hit me and then he got a knive and cut me these people saw it and called the police and he seid he is gonna come after me again once he is out of prison and I think hes after me now because the police tolled me to move" I looked at Harry through my blurred eyes tears still streaming down my face Harry had a few tears too. "how could he do that to you your so beautiful" he says hugging me he wipes the tears of my face. "What if he finds me Harry your fans were taking pictures of me moving hear to day" I look at Harry. "i think you should come and stay with me because I got cameras and people that could gard the apartment 24/7 so you will be safe and I think you are very pretty and I really like you will you go out with me" he says holding me close and staring at my eyes. " I love you too Harry and I trust you" I say harry leands in and kiss my lips it lasts for ever. "what about my stuff" I say getting up I will get the security to move your stuff and we a go to bed" he takes my hand and takes me to his apartment we walk hand in hand to our bed room. "i am going to have a spa do you want one" he asks "I've all ready had a shower" I say looking round the room. "please come in with me" he says to me like a child "ok" I say walking over to the bed room door and open it some of my clothes were there I go through some clothes and find a bikini I put it on and find Harry in spa, as soon as I get in he pulls me over to him and sits me on his lap, then he turns me around he kisses me while undoing my bikini top. He then tugs at he bottoms. "Harry I am not ready for that jet" I say looking down. " that's fine babe I will just stick to the top half for now. We get out 15 minuets later and get in bed, harry gets in naked and I get changed in to my p.js. I lie on my side and Harry snuggles up behind me and puts his around me, " Harry do you think I will be safe" I ask "yes babe he's gotta go through the gards through me to get you" he says playing with my hair. 30 minuets later Harry is a sleep."Harry I cant sleep" I say turning to face him his green eyes open. "babe shut your eyes and I will sing to you" he says he pulls me closer and I rest my head on his chest and fall asleep with him singing.
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