Starting again

After her ex boy hurt her badly she needs a new start. She moves house in London and finds her self in the same building as harry styles. Her horrid ex boy friend finds her will any body be there to save her?


1. A new start.

"so as soon as I sign these papers I get the flat" I ask the realtor. "yes madam" the realtor says giving me a pen. I sign a few papers and he hands me the keys to the flat "thank you" I say holding the keys in my hand "that's alright madam" the realtor says. We both stand up and he shows me to the door. *the next day* the removal men come to my new flat. Once they are gone I start unpacking I get started on my clothes I only get to put a few dress in the cupboard and somebody knocks on the door I open it, Harry styles is stood in front of me. "hi I'm Harry you probably all ready know that I live in the flat below and if you need any thing I am down there" he says stareing at me. "thanks im Ellie" I say shaking his hand he does let go. "well I need to carry on unpacking" I say looking at all the boxes. "we could help" Harry says beaming and still staring at me. "we" I say looking at him confused. The rest of the boys come found the conner. "why were you lot round there" I say feeling really weird as so many eyes where looking at me. "Harry seid there was a hot new girl moving in so we all came round. And he was right" Louis says Harry elbows him in the ribs. "so do you want help"Harry asks smiling his famous smile. "yeh come in" they all set to work unloading all my stuff from the boxes in no time. Just my clothes were left they all went to my room to unload them. "do you guys want pizza" I ask they all say yes so I go and order. I go back and they were all messing about with my clothes. "um you don't mind if I go and have a shower" as I grad a towel out of one of the boxes. "no it's fine" Harry says I get my p.js and my 1 peaice. I get out of the shower not looking in the mirror after the scar that you can see when my hair is wet it runs from the side off my side neck near my ear and runs up in to my hair. I put my clothes on and head back to my bed room. They were still hanging up my clothes. "have any of you seen my hair dyer" I ask them. "yeah I plugged it in for you by the mirror" Niall answer. "thanks " "any thing for you" Niall says. Harry's pov: I could tell Niall liked her to but I was the one who liked her first and I could see this scar, i will ask her about it later when the boys are not round. Ellie pov: they finished the unloading and the pizza came so we all head to Harry's apagrtment. And sat on the sofas his house was the same as mine so it was easys to get around they asked me questions and had a lot of banter I got to know them well and I felt like I was talking to old freinds that I haven't see for ages.
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