17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


42. Unforgettable.

The elevator doors open and we're still kissing, not letting go. I drop my things and I take off Harry's blazer. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around him as we head over to the bed. Harry places me down and leans back for a few breaths. I'm laying down and Harry climbs on top of me. I begin to unbutton his shirt and take off his tie. I look him right in the eye and smile. He smiles and gets the hint.

Harry begins to unbutton his pants sliding them off. Now he's in just his boxers. I push Harry over and straddle him. He starts to unzip my dress, revealing my new bra Perrie got me. He takes off my dress so that I'm only in my bra and underwear. I run my hands down his chest feeling him breathe and his abs. His skin was warm and it felt good on my skin. Harry takes his hands from the back of my thighs onto my bra straps. His tongue intertwines with mine and I feel his big hands sliding down my straps and unhooking my bra. I take is off and now we're both just in our underwear.

His hands move up my stomach and onto my chest and then back down onto my thighs. While we're still kissing hard, I feel a bump down there and can't help but smile thinking that I can do this to someone, especially Harry Styles. I slide my fingers down his chest and feel the waist of his boxers slowly taking them off. Harry then turns me around and now he's on me, totally naked.

He somehow takes of my panties and slips on a condom. He's straddling me. He then slips in me and starts rocking back and forth easily. It feels so good, I moan just a little bit. Harry does the same. I grab his neck and pull him so we're kissing again. We're going at it for about 15 more minutes and then Harry relaxes and lays down on his back. I still want him, so I lie down on him and we start hooking up again. I could kiss him forever and ever. It's around 12:30 in the morning when I look at the clock and I just lay on Harry. We fall asleep like that, me on his chest. The sound of him breathing relaxes me and I fall asleep.

When I wake up, Harry's not there and I'm wearing his boxers and one of his shirts. It smells so good. He must have put them on my while I was sleeping. I look at the clock and it says 9:30. I have a massive headache, but my body feels amazing. I wake up and look at myself in the mirror thinking of last night. Lauren's gonna kill me. But I wanna do it all over again. 

I walk into the kitchen to see Harry cooking pancakes.

"Since when do you cook?" I say wrapping my arms around his stomach.

"Since I was 5, but I don't tell many people." He smiles and gives me a kiss.


"Yea babe?"

"Last night was... unforgettable." I manage to get out.

"I love you." Harry says and gives me another kiss. I hang onto him so that he doesn't leave. I stand up and give him a huge hug.

"I love you too Harry."

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