17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


43. The Phone Call

Perrie and Zayn decide to join us for lunch around 1. Harry and I watched a movie in our pajamas and then got ready for them to come over.

It was a very awkward lunch, Perrie and Zayn kept making these weird faces and moving their eyebrows up and down whenever Harry wasn't looking. We ordered room service and finally Zayn broke the moment. 

"So did you sleep with her or not?!?!"

I wanted to kill Zayn! I put my hand up to my face to hide it. Perrie laughs but hits Zayn and Harry's face has a sneaky smirk to it.

"ZAYN!" Perrie yelled as she hit his shoulder.

"What?? I want to know, so did it happen?"

"Umm," Harry looks at me, still with that smirk and I roll my eyes. "Yeah we did."

"YEAH MAN!!" Zayn tackles Harry. While they're wrestling by the couch, Perrie slides closer to me.

"Really??" She whispers.

"Yeah. Perrie it was so amazing! I never wanted to let go of him. Yes we were a little tipsy but it made it all the better!"

"Hahahaha! That's my girl!" Perrie hugs me.

This is such a big deal. I'm not a virgin anymore. What is Lauren going to say? But it's so awkward how Perrie and Zayn are congratulating us. I can't take it.

"Ok. Enough." I scream. I'm not confortable talking about sex, especially right now. I promised myself I was going to wait until I got married; just a commitment I made a few years ago. And now I broke that promise.

I walk into the bedroom and sit on the bed. I'm not mad or anything, just in a state of shock because of everything going on in my life right now. I'm a junior and I'm stressing out about college and school. I'm dating the most popular boy in the world, so the world is watching me when I'm with him. I just had sex with him. And I'm only barely 17. It's too much. While I'm thinking about all of this I start to tear up.

I hear Perrie and Zayn leave.

"Babe?" Harry opens the door. "What's wrong?

"It's too much."

"What is? Dalis, it's ok. I'm here." Harry comes over and wraps me in his arms.

"Harry, I knew this from the start that being with you will cause some attention on me, but it's really a lot. Some of your fans don't like me at all. They send me tweets saying die. And I know I wasn't going to listen to it but I'm getting stressed with everything; loving you, having school, friends, and now I just had the most beautiful night with you. But, Harry, I'm only 17."

During the whole time I was venting, Harry was rubbing my arm and kissing my forehead and listening to me.

"I know, it's hard juggling all of this. But, luckily, you have three other girls who are going through the exact same thing. And if what happened last night was too much then we can wait again." Harry was so sweet talking to me; this is a side of him no one knows about.

"I'm sorry, when I get stressed I get really emotional and just let it all out without a filter." I say wiping away my tears sitting up.

"It's ok! And don't forget I had to go through this when I was 16, and you're doing an awesome job ok?"

I smile and give Harry a kiss.

"Do you mind if I call Lauren?"

"No, go ahead. I'll go to Zayn's room cos we have to talk about our performance and stuff."

"Ok and send Perrie over here."

"I will." Harry gets up and within a minute Perrie comes in. I tell her what Harry and I talked about and she said that the first time she and Zayn did it, she felt the exact same; awkward, emotional, but wonderful at the same time. We call Lauren together and Perrie and Lauren talk for a few minutes saying their hello's and stuff. My two best friends are meeting soon!

"Ok Lo, there's something I need to tell you and please don't freak."


"Last night," I hear Lauren gasp. "Harry and I..."

"AAAAHHHHHHH!" Lauren screams. "What?!?!?! Oh my god! Was it AMAZING! Oh god I bet it was. Did yo feel his abs. Wow, Dalis. Wait what?? You did what?"

You can tell she was on both sides of the spectrum, happy but also frustrated because it's sex.

"I know. It was... words can't explain. But I had to tell you before anyone. But Lo, you can't ever say anything! Ok. You have to promise me."

"I promise."

Wow. Lauren actually took that very well, I'm actually surprised. She's like the mother of my friend group and I'm happy she's becoming a little more on the wild side.

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