17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


44. Remember Me?

The MSG show is finally here! Today's the day. I'm so proud of my boys and they all get to meet Lauren. We didn't go see them on the Today Show because I was sick and I didn't want them to come here and get sick so I wished them good luck and I watched them on my tv.

"I can't wait to see Harry. I'm front row and he's gonna fall in love with me with one look." I hear Avery say behind me; she's in my lunch period. I try not to let it get to me. We haven't spoken since her party, I unfollowed her on twitter and unfriended her on Facebook; I didn't need the extra hate and tweets saying that her and Harry "belong together."

Thankfully today we have a half day so Lauren and I could get ready, but Harry doesn't know that. I told him we had a full day and I'd only be able to hang out after the concert, but then we called Paul and he's picking us up around 2 to surprise them. I can't wait. It was actually all Lauren's idea.

I forgot to mention that Harry sent me 10 extra tickets, as well as mine and Lauren's. Lauren and I get an all access pass to sit wherever we want and 5 are for row 5 and the other five are for row 10, and since the stage is shaped like a "T", the seats are right up against it. Lauren and I decided that we'll give in row 10 to our friends and the other 5, we'll walk around and find fans to give them to.

Ok, so school just got let out and Lauren is coming over so we can get ready. I'm wearing a dark purple dress with white keds and Lauren is wearing a navy blue dress with white keds as well. By the time we're finished getting ready Paul calls us and says that he's outside.

"Hi Paul! This is Lauren, my best friend."

"Nice to meet you. You girls ready? The gang has no idea you're coming this early. I can't wait to see their faces." Paul says.

It takes us about an hour to get into the city so we get there around 2.

"Ok, so you want to scare them right?" Paul asks.

"Yes please! If we can!" Lauren smiles. We drive into the underground garage and once the door shuts we head into a long hallway. We walk all the way down and into another hallway. We take the first right and there's another hallway; there's so many! We finally make it to the boys' dressing rooms and hang out rooms.

"Ok just follow my lead." Paul is getting really into this, he's like an uncle to the boys and I can see why, he acts like one of them.

"Boys..." Paul says as he walks into the game room, "two crazy fans have gotten into the building and are roaming around. Just thought you should know."

"Yes sir!" The boys say.

Paul walks out, gives us a thumbs up and leaves us alone to think how we're gonna do this. Lauren and I decide that if we try to scare them we'll just end up laughing and ruining it. So we just creep up to the door and I poke my head in.

"Remember me?" I say and smile. Everyone looks and stands up and the girls eyes widen.

"DALIS!!" They each come up to me and give me a hug. Then the boys come over and give each of them a hug. Then I see Harry and he's smiling and I give him the biggest hug.

"Feeling better love?" Harry asks.

"Now that I'm with you I am." We both laugh. "Too cheesy?" I ask.

"A little." Harry winks and hugs me again.

"Oh guys. This is my best friend Lauren, she's a huge fan like me." I say while Harry still has his arm around me.

Lauren fits right in with the girls and the boys love her. I see Niall and Lauren hug and give her a thumbs up while Harry and I sit on the couch.

The others join us sitting down and we start to catch up. The girls kept me up to date with their lives and the boys did the same. Then it was my turn and I said everything, well not everything ;). Then it was Lauren's turn. She basically told her life story, being as big of an idiot like me. I guess that's why we're best friends. After about an hour of us just talking, I ask Harry if we can take a walk and we leave. I tell Lauren and she gives me a wink.

"Not what you think...." I say, I look her in the eye and then look at Niall. She laughs and rolls her eyes.

Harry's waiting for me outside the doorway and I run to him and I grab his hand.

"I've missed you!" I say.

"Me too! I can't believe you surprised me early, thank you!"

"Oh of course! No problem! Hahaha, I wanted to scare you but I knew I'd die laughing so I just popped in." I say as Harry leads me into his dressing room. It has a couch, table with stools, food, a fridge, ipod player, and a mirror. I guess he gets his makeup and hair and stuff done in another room.

"So one reason that I wanted you alone was to talk to you about Lauren and Niall."

"What?" Harry looks confused as he lifts me to sit on the table by the mirror while he stands.

"Ok, so I was thinking that since Niall doesn't have dates and feels left out a lot when everyone else has a girlfriend, Lauren and him would be perfect! They're both loud, funny, kind, caring, and Lauren has a crush on him, since I have you. I know it's not my place but it's worth a shot right?" I ask nervously.

"Umm... I guess we can try to set it up, it would be nice to all hang out and not have that little chip on our shoulders worrying about Niall feeling lonely when we talk about our girlfriends."

"Yes! Ok, some how mention it to the other boys and bring Lauren up and stuff and let me know what he says."

"Ok I will. Now, where's my kiss?" Harry asks really sweetly. I give him a quick kiss on the cheek and give him a sassy look.

"You know what I mean." He says and puts his hands my hips.

We're about 3 inches away from each other and I want him so badly, but I love teasing Harry. So I push him off of me and get up.

"Dalis!" Harry laughs almost in a pleasing voice.

I laugh and walk to the door about to turn the lock, "I left my phone in the other room."

I turn my back to open the door and Harry takes my waist and completely forces me so my back is against the wall, he then puts his hands on the wall blocking my from getting away. I give him a smirk and he takes one hand off the wall and holds my lower back. I couldn't resist him anymore so I grab his face and kiss him on the lips. There's something about his green eyes that make me weak at the knees. We're kind of making out and then the door opens and it hits Harry in the head. We then see Niall and Lauren looking at us from behind the door.

"Oh shit, sorry man." Niall says in his Irish accent.

"Are we interrupting...?" Lauren looks at us, Harry's hand is still on the wall, the other on his head and I'm still against the wall, Harry and I are about 5 inches from each others bodies.

"Yeah ya kinda were!" Harry laughs and looks at me.

"We have to get ready. Show starts in an hour." Niall says.

I give Harry and smile and nod and walk away from him and grab Lauren and we walk towards the waiting room to meet up with the girls. On the way I tell Lauren what Harry and I talked about, she was freaking out!

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