17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


40. Perrie.

"Hello?" It sounds so good to here Perrie's voice. We've rarely talked but we text everyday.

"Perrie! It's Dalis!"

"AHH HI! Happy Birthday! I have your gift!!" Perrie screeches into the phone.

"Hahaha! I can't wait to see it!"

"Yeah me too! How's you're weekend with Harry going?" Perrie asks.

"It's good. Today we got mobbed after lunch, and some girl tugged on... wait. How did you know?"

"Oh umm. Harry told me." Something sounded odd.

"He said he only told Louis because he didn't want it to get leaked to the press and for me to find out."

"Yeah then, umm. Louis told Zayn and he told me. Yeah."

"Oh, ok. Well anyways, I think Harry and I might have sex tonight..." I whisper the last part, I don't know why.

"WHAT?!??!?! OH MY GOD! Wait. Lemme call you back in like 5 minutes."

"Ok. Cos I need someone to talk to, who's done this before."

"Hahaha I love how you called me hahaha. Ok gimme like 5 minutes."

10 minutes pass and I still haven't heard from Perrie. I then hear the elevator door ring. I pop my head out to say hi to Harry.

"OH MY GOD!!" I run out of the bedroom.

"Happy Birthday Dalis!!!!" Perrie and Zayn are standing in the living room. "What are you guys doing here??" I ask still in shock.

"This is part of your present, me!" Perrie smiles.

"And Perrie's never been to the U.S. so I decided to take her now when we have a week off, because when we play at MSG it's gonna be too hectic." Zayn replies giving me a hug.

"YAY! Does Harry know?"

"Yeah. We're all going for dinner tonight!" Perrie smiles. Her and I freak out a little more. The Perrie looks over at Zayn.

"Oh right, ok. We're in the other Presidential Suite across the hall, Perrie." He makes a face at her. "I'll be outside with Harry. Call me when you need me babe." He gives Perrie a kiss and he leaves.

"Come to my room." Perrie says and before I knew it, that's where we were. There's a big box on the table. "Happy Birthday!!" Perrie says giving my the box.

Inside were two other boxes. I opened the bigger one first. "You're kidding right." I look at Perrie laughing. In the box were condoms and a "sexy outfit" as Perrie called it. I wanted to kill her.

"What?? You'll need this tonight." She gives me a wink.

"Oh my god! This is why you're my best friend!" And I give her a hug. I go to open the second box and when I do I gasp. It's a pair of red Enzo Angiolini heels and a picture of me and her.

"OH MY GOD! These are absolutely gorgeous! wha... Wow! I love them! Thank you Perrie! And the picture is so cute! I love it!" I give her a hug.

"Antime! Ok so tell me about what's going on tonight."

"Ok. So before I called you, Harry and I were getting into it, right? And I looked him in the eyes telling him I want him. So we start kissing harder, and then the phone rings. But I really wanted him. I couldn't decide so I just said that he's gonna have to wait when he started kissing me again."

"Awww! Well so are you going to do it?" Perrie asked all excited.

"I think so. I mean I really want to, and I love him." I start to turn red.

"AWW! And it's you're first right?"

"Yeah, so that's why I'm nervous."

"Dalis, listen. Harry really loves you, and he told the boys that he'd never do anything to hurt you. He wants you but he said that even if he has to wait until you're like 80, he'll wait." Perrie told me.

"Really...? But we'll totally do it before he's 80." I laugh.

"Aww! So you'll do it tonight... You'll be fine, don't worry. I know this will sound really icky, but Harry will know what he's doing."

"Ew, thanks."

"No, Zayn was my first time and he knew what to do. And it was magical!"

"Ok enough. I find it so gross but I don't know."

"I gotcha girl!" Perrie said while opening he laptop. "Let's pick out a dress for you for tonight."

After 20 minutes of searching we find one. It's a black dress that comes just above the knee. The front is really low cut and I'm really excited! And it'll look really good with my new red heels!

The boys come back after we called them to get my dress. It's about 4 now and we start to get ready. This is going to be one enchanting night.

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