17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


14. My First Kiss Went A Little Like This. All Over The News

I JUST KISSED HARRY STYLES!!! HARRY STYLES FROM ONE DIRECTION WAS MY FIRST KISS!!!!!! Words will never begin to explain how happy I am!!!

I get home from Harry's cabin around 10pm and I grab my mom and run up the stairs.

"Mom. Harry and I kissed. I kissed Harry Styles from One Direction. MOM!!! I can't believe it!!" By this point I was screaming and all giggly because I was so happy.

"Dalis!! Oh my god yay! I'm so happy! I'm glad you're having fun in London and you met Harry Styles. Ok, I'm actually shocked that he's fallen for my daughter!!" My mom was smiling just as wide as I was. "Go take a shower and get to bed because we've got an early and long day tomorrow going site seeing! Dalis I love you!"

"Ok thanks mom! I love you too!" I still can't believe I kissed Harry. I change out of my clothes and as I'm in a towel my phone starts buzzing. It's Lauren.

"Hello? Lauren..!!!!"


"Lo I can't explain how I feel right now! It was absolutely beautiful!! Just like Taylor Swift says, it's the first kiss, it's fearless! I can't believe it! We've dreamed about this, meeting him and kissing him, and it's far better than what we say.." I explained the whole story to Lauren about this whole night. All I could hear from Lauren's side of the phone was squealing, oh my god's, aww, and laughing. After I finish telling her about this AWESOME night something clicked.

"Wait Lo. How did you know?"

"Oh, umm... it's all over twitter and that website you showed me, ocean up. Nothing bad don't worry!! But yeah, it's everywhere."

"WHAT? Oh god ok, I'll look. I gotta go take a shower but I'll call you tomorrow! EEEEP Harry!" We say goodbye and I quickly change into a pinnie and shorts and turn on my laptop to look what's going on.

Harry Styles' New Girlfriend?

Mystery Girl And One Direction Heart Throb Kiss?

What was going on? I'm everywhere. Our picture of us kissing is everywhere!! Who took it and how did they know we were there. What am I saying, these paps know everything.

Hey! Did you see all the stuff abou tour kiss in the news? Our pic of us is all over twitter. I texted Harry. It's kinda exciting!

Yeah I looked at my mentions. They say you're pretty. I agree ;) Don't worry about the rumors. I mean, some are true right? I'm going to be honest Dalis. I really like you and I hope you like me too...? I had a lot of fun tonight and the lads like you too!

Did Harry Styles just say he liked me? My life is great!

I had a lot of fun too! And Harry you know I really like you! It's not a secret lol

But I mean like ME not because I'm from One Direction

I like you HARRY for you, I really do :) 

Me too! I like myself, oh and you of course ;) good I'm glad! I'm gonna follow you on twitter and instagram is that ok? Can we hang out again tomorrow?

Of course I am! I've also been getting loads of mentions and questions. I can't tomorrow because we're having our family day but want to come over for dinner the day after that? And thanks Harry for tonight! I'll text you tomorrow xxx Good night!

Yeah sounds good!! Goodnight beautiful! xx :)

So what happened today? I hung out/met One Direction and their girlfriends. I'm now friends with all of them. I got the girls' numbers. All of them are following me on twitter. Harry Styles and I kissed. I need time to digest this. In to the shower I go!!

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