17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


12. Just The Girls

So me, Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor all went to sit in the living room looking out into the mountains- we didn't know which remote was for the tv.

"SOO....Dalis? You and Harry....?" Perrie said in a cute school girl tone.

"ooooooooooo" Danielle and Eleanor chimed in. By now my face was bright red!

"What about us?" I answered trying not to crack my voice of embarrassment and excitement.

"Have you kissed yet?" Eleanor blurted out while the other two girls burst out laughing.

"Umm..." Yupp! My face is definitely red now! "Actually we almost did today. Girl on girl talk, I had the worst butterflies but in such an amazing way! I've been in love with Harry since March when I first heard of him and the boys and never EVER thought in a million years I'd be this close to kissing Harry!!"

"Aww, that's so cute! It's great to have you here! I'll make sure you'll kiss him tonight! Pinky promise!" Perrie said as she came and hugged me. I like her! I think her and I will become very close, also because Eleanor and Danielle have known each other from the beginning and are super close.

I explained to them everything about what happened on how Harry and I met. That took about 10 minutes. They seem to like me and I like them a lot. After that they all explained their love stories about Liam, Louis, and Zayn. I felt like I knew them for ages when we talked.

The girls gave me their numbers and we planned on going shopping very soon! This is the best day so far! Meeting Anne and Gemma, becoming friends with One Direction and their girlfriends and ALMOST KISSING HARRY! OH MY GOD!

Hey! Can you come open the front door, we'll be home in a minute and Niall bought a bunch of junk!x :) Thanks love! Harry's text said.

"Oh, the boys are here!" I said while jumping up! I am starv....

"THANK GOD I'M STARVING!" Perrie moaned. Yeah, I'm definitely going to be closer to her!

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