17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


22. I Love You

Harry and I walk up the basement stairs and then straight to a spare bedroom. He leads me in and closes the door behind him and locks it. By this point my whole body was shaking I was so nervous but also excited.

He turns around and looks me in the eye and I walk towards him and I put my hands on his shirt by the collar bone and spin him so my back is against the door. I'm staring at his lips and thinking how I've been longing to kiss him since I first saw his face and heard his voice. Harry gets the hint and he leans in and kiss me, passionately. He puts his hands on my waist and and pulls me in so our bodies are touching. My back is curved in so the lower half of my body is on Harry but my head is still on the wall.

I move my hands through Harry's curls and then place them around his neck and Harry picks me up so I wrap my legs around him. Still kissing, he walks over to the bed and lays me down and climbs on top of me. He then slips his tongue into mine and we're like the waves in the ocean.

YES my heart is pounding right out of my chest and I'm sure Harry could feel it, especially being so close on it.

I flip over so now I'm on top of Harry and I lean back for a break, mostly to breathe. But I ran my hands down his shirt and start to lift it up, making Harry take it off. I'm now straddling Harry and he goes to take me shirt off and I get a little antsy. I lean in to kiss him again and we both smile.

Harry goes to take off my pants, I know because his lowers his hands onto my hips. I stop and straddle him again.

"Harry." I whisper.

"Everything ok?"

"Yeah, it's just, I'm not... I do, but..."

Harry sits up and we get comfortable and sit criss cross apple sauce facing each other.

"Dalis, you know I won't do anything you're not comfortable with right? That's fine, we can wait." He says and smiles at me and kisses me softly.

"Thanks Harry. I love you." There, I said it. Can't take it back now.

"I love you too Dalis. I've been wanting to say that since the moment I met you." Harry says while smiling.

I jump on Harry laughing and lay on him. I grab his shirt from the other side of the bed and put it over his face.

"There, now that's better." I say while laughing.

"Ha.Ha. you're very funny. Just you wait!" Harry says while putting the shirt on my head.

"Ooooh I'm scared. C'mon Hazzaaahhh let's go back downstairs." I say while getting up and throwing his shirt at him.

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