17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


2. I Knew It, Wait, HARRY STYLES?!?!


I knew I recognized him! OH. MY. GOD.. He just said his name was Harry. Harry Styles is sitting right in front of me!! I’m freaking out OH MY GOD!! Ok Dalis, stay calm, don’t over react; he’s just a normal boy. Oh my god, I’m totally fan girling right now! No, relax; say something they’re all staring at you!

“Hi, I’m Dalis.” I finally got out. I couldn’t look at Harry in the eyes or else I would just melt. I could slowly feel my face turn red, and at the same time Jack, Will, and Tom are all trying to keep a straight face and not laugh. “What?” I said, trying to act oblivious.

“Yea, what’s so funny?” Harry chimed in. Oh how his voice gives me butterflies.

“Nothing, nothing at all” Jack says while winking at me, making my face turn even more red.

Harry finally breaks the silence, “Ok..? Anyways, sorry for the commotion, some of our fans are a little let’s say over protective of us. Funny thing is, no one is even at the house. Niall tweeted saying that we’re having a photo shoot there. He just made up the address and of course we’re on that street. And obviously we’re not there.

“HA! Over protective, mate some chick almost killed Dalis.” Will shouted.

“Umm, not exactly but close” I had to clarify. Wait. Am I actually having a conversation with Harry? How am I not like crying?

“Hahaha good one,” Harry chuckled, “but seriously do you need any ice? Call your mum? Glass of water? Anything?”

“No, I think my ankle will be ok, but thanks. Could I just call my mom? I left my phone at home. Um, for when she asks, where am I?”

“Oh right sorry, we’re at my house,” Jack answered while checking his watch. “I’m sorry Dalis but we have to go pick up the pizza Harry and Tom ordered for lunch. Do want some? You can stay here if you want, Harry stay with her so no one recognizes you.”

“Yeah I will, good idea Jack. Plus I doubt Dalis is going to want to stay here alone.” And with that Jack, Will, and Tom all leave. Leaving Harry and me alone. Oh how I’ve imagined this moment since the first time I heard of One Direction.

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