17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


20. Happy Birthday!

I get out of the shower and immediately start to play all of Taylor Swift (you gotta love taysway!!). Then I think what am I going to wear? So I go to my closet and pic out black and white speckled pants, a white v-neck, a royal blue blazer, and my new black wedged booties! Tonight I gotta look hot for Harry. Like Perrie said, tonight we can hook up!

I decide to do the regular makeup I always do, brown eye liner only on the top and some lipgloss. I straighten my hair and put in my pearl earrings my aunt gave me for my sweet 16. I take a look in the mirror:

Wow!! I'm looking good lol

I text a pic to Perrie

DAMN GIRL! You're smoking! Harry'll tap that tonight ;) 

Thanx babes! See ya really soon!

I put on some perfume, Wonderstruck Enchanted of course! Then I walk down stairs and my parents went out for dinner, a little alone time for them. Kevin and Tyler are just chilling watching tv.

"So when is Harry coming to get you?" Tyler asks


"I guess now! Hahaha" I say as I go to answer the door.

"Hey Harry!" I say with a smile. "Come on in"

He gives me a small kiss and gives me a hug and whispers in my ear, "I better keep you close to me. I don't want someone to steal you aways"

We say goodbye to my brothers and head over to Zayn's house where the party is. There's fans and paps all over the place. Sometimes I wonder how they find these things out.

Harry parks his car in the street and he goes over and takes pics with the fans and I talk to them. They all love my outfit and tell me I'm so pretty. I never really got that back home. It really boosted me confidence, and I think Harry knew that because he just kept smiling at me.

"They really like you!" Harry whispers.

"Yeah they do but some others don't. I knew I would get hate so it comes with it." I said.

"Just brush it off, I know it hurts.."

I interrupt Harry, "Yeah I know I watched the documentary." I stop dead silent.

"Oh god, what haven't you seen of me? Actually Hahaha don't answer that, I don't want to know." He smiles and places his hand on my lower back ushering me to Zayn's driveway.

We ring the doorbell and Tom answers the door.

"Tom?" I say. I haven't seen them since that day I fell and the day I met Harry.

"DALIS!! We've missed you love! Hows your back, you smell good. Want a drink?"

He smelled like alcohol, really bad!

"hahaha no I'm good and it was my ankle, but thanks." I smile and we walk in. All the boys I met the first day were there. I finally found Perrie.


"Awww Dalis! Thank you! You didn't have to buy me anything! Hi Harry! Isn't Dalis looking hott tonight?"

I shoot Perrie a glare, but a sassy one.

"Hands off, she's mine tonight, tomorrow you ladies are hanging out." I says and gives Perrie a kiss on the cheek and hands her, her gift.

After catching up with all the boys and El and Danielle I scan the room, not looking for anybody in particular. I see the boys, obviously. Their band, Little Mix, Nick Grimshaw, Rita Ora, a few of Perrie's friends I don't know, and a few of her friends from the X Factor. Zayn's house is huge! I love it!

After the finger food is served, mostly just pizza, chicken fingers, chips, and whatever, the music starts and Zayn has a freaking dance floor in his basement! We put his iPod in the speakers and turn up the volume for a ranging dance party. The lights go out and all you see are shadows and glow sticks, it's pretty sweet. The smell of alcohol lingers in the air, I haven't had any because I'm not really into that, and neither is Perrie, maybe another reason why we clicked.

I then see someone with curly hair walk over to me and whispers in my ear, "Wanna dance love?" I take Harry's hand and we head to the middle of the dance floor with Liam and Danielle, Perrie and Zayn, Louis and El, and Niall with some random girl, good for him!

Harry puts his hands on my hips and wraps them around and we start rocking to the beat.

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