17 year old Dalis Miller and her family take a trip to London for her dad's work for 2 weeks in the summer. She meets the Harry Styles and they fall in love. This is her story.

PG-13. :) Enjoy!!


3. Flirting?


After I called my mom and told her what happened (including the part with Harry Styles-she didn’t believe me until Harry talked to her) Harry broke the silence. I think he’s good with silence breaking.

“So I picked up on your accent, America right? Which state?” Harry asked me.

“Yeah, and I’m from New Jersey. I saw you and the boys at the Izod Center back in May.”

“Yeah I remember that gig, it was the first time we played for more than like 20,000 people. So… how’d you like the show?” Harry asked me cheekily.

“I totally loved it! You guys are amazing! My friends and I cried we were so mesmerized by you!” At that point I got a gut feeling Harry was awkwardly laughing thinking what is this girl doing? “Oh my god I’m sorry, I’m totally fan girling right in front of you. Sorry.” I tried to crack a smile under my hidden face, I was so embarrassed.

“Dalis,” Harry said while laughing, “trust me it’s fine, you should’ve seen me when I met Robbie Williams, and Zayn with Bruno Mars, and Niall.. Oh my god Niall meeting Justin Bieber. I’d pay money to go through that again. Plus I’m used to it, you know being famous.” He said very cocky but when I looked up at his eyes, he smiled, indicating it was a joke.

Wow! Harry’s eyes are amazing! I knew I fell for them but not like this in person! They’re honestly so beautiful.

“Dalis, I’m serious!” I then felt a warm hand placed on my knee, I got the chills.

“Ok,” I laughed out. “Um, my friend would kill me if I didn’t ask you, so.. um.. can we call her? I’m sorry for asking, I promise I’m not like that it’s just we’ve had a HUGE crush on you from day 1…” Did I seriously just say we?

“Yeah of course! What’s her name?”

“Lauren, but we call her Lo. If she doesn’t answer can you leave her a message? And maybe a picture or something so she knows I’m not lying or anything?”

“Or so you can get a picture with me? Yeah sounds good! We can leave her a video too” My face was turning red and I laughed. I swear Harry’s face turned red too a little bit. Was he flirting with me? No, impossible. This whole thing is just impossible.

We called Lo on restricted on Harry’s phone. I didn’t want to give out his number and he really appreciated it. It rang a few times and I heard the familiar voice of my best friend on speakerphone.

“Hey Lo!! How’s the dirty jerz??”

“Hey Dalis, its morning around 8. How’s London?! I want to know everything.”

Shit, I forgot about the time difference!

Really? Sorry I forgot about the time stuff. But you’ll never guess who I’m here with?”

“One of the boys?” Lo responded with a hopeful but joking manner.

“Actually… yes I am! I’m with Harry!”

“No you’re not.”

She didn’t believe me.

“I swear on Harry’s life, and he’s still alive.”


 So Harry talked to her for about 5 minutes and of course she was totally freaking out! He then gave the phone to me and I said that I’d call her later tonight. After I hung up we took a video and a picture. The moment I’ve been waiting for, a picture with Harry Styles. Of course Harry looked amazing, and I on the other hand was wearing what I went for a run in. But Harry complimented me on my neon green sneakers.

“So how long are you in London for?” Harry asked.

“For two weeks. My dad’s job just made new office buildings here and we got to check them out. We got here yesterday!”

“How would you like a personal tour of London by yours truly?”

“Really? I’d love that. But what about Jack, Will, and Tom? And you being you?”

“We can leave a note. And I’ll be fine don’t worry, oh wait sorry. What about your ankle?”

“Oh don’t worry about it. I’m totally fine.”

“So you were just faking it so you could get to know me? Well, your sneaky plan worked out.” Harry said cheekily.

“What? No not at all, YOUR crazy fan almost broke it. Well, kinda, ok not really, but I’ve had ankle problems so I’ll be fine. Let’s go!”

“If I do recall Dalis, you’re a fan of mine too” Harry winked.

“Not just you Harry. You, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Where are they anyways?”

“Woah woah! Take it easy. Jumping ahead are we? Haha I’m just kidding. Niall’s probably somewhere eating, and Zayn, Liam, and Louis are somewhere around London. I’m not really sure,” Harry said while writing down the note. “I’m giving Dalis a tour of London, we’ll be back later. Save a slice of pizza for me! Sound good?” Harry asked.

“Haha yes sounds good. So where are we going first?”

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